The weather was on the chilly side, but the action on the course was hot in the Tensor Tire Parker 250 presented by Polaris RZR, which was held Saturday, Jan. 11. According to Best in the Desert Racing Association, the organizers of the race, there were 216 entries, including motorcycles, quads and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs).

BITD Operations Director Donald Jackson said at the awards ceremony the evening of Jan. 11 that there were no major incidents or injuries. He added a lot of racers said they had a fun time, and added that many of like coming to Parker.

The day features some close races, Jackson said. The top five finishers in the morning race came in within 20 seconds of each other, and there were just six seconds between the top two finishers.

The racers ran either three or two laps in a course through the desert east of Parker. The motorcycles and quads went out in the morning, while the UTVs went out in the afternoon.

The morning race saw 54 entries, one of which was disqualified. A total of the 51 entries finished the race.

The top motorcycle and the overall winner in the morning race was N12, which was ridden by Jacob Argubright of Lake Elsinore, Calif. He was in the Open Pro Class, and he rode a Kawasaki. His time on the course for three laps was 4:19:13.757.

Argubright was just six seconds ahead of the second place finisher, which was N33, a KTM, in the Open Pro Class. It was ridden by Jeff Trulove of Pinon Hills, Calif. and Axel Pearson of Panaca, Nev. Their time on the course was 4:25:39.018.

Coming in just seven seconds out of second place was N57, which was ridden by Hayden Hintz of Lakewood, Calif. and Trevor Hunter and Craig Hunter of Santa Ana, Calif. They were also in the Open Pro class, and they rode a KTM. Their time on the course for three laps was 4:32:02.616.

The top quad was Q1, which was driven by Eric Simmons and Andrew Simmons of Page, Ariz.; Mike Sloan of Buckeye, Ariz., and Josh Row of Lakeside, Calif. They were ninth overall and first in the Quad Pro class. Their quad was a Honda. Their time on the course for three laps was 4:53:49.149.

The next quad across the finish line was Q7, which placed 17th overall and second in the Quad Pro Class. The drivers were Danny Magdaleno of Acton, Calif., Christopher Peatross of Newhall, Calif., and Christopher Avalos of Yuma, Ariz. They drove a Husqvarna, and their time on the course for three laps was 5:04:47.303.

Their third-place quad was just four seconds out of second place. It was Q2, a Honda driven by Daulton Keyes and Dylan Walraven of Holton, Ind. They were in the Quad Pro class. Their time on the course for three laps was 5:08:06.177.

In the two-lap Ironman classes, there were 29 entries, of which 21 finished the race.

Jacob Patridge of La Habra Heights, Calif., came in first overall on O12, a KTM. He was also first in the Ironman Expert class. His time for two laps was 3:29:41.029.

There was not even half-a-second separating the second and third place Ironman placers. Nicholas Acosta of Phoenix came in second, driving a Husqvarna in the Ironman Expert class. His time for two laps was 3:29:05.400.

Just 0.36 seconds behind Acosta was a racer from Lake Havasu City, Nic Lyon. His third place finish in the Ironman classes was the highest of any local racer. He rode O79, a Honda, in the Ironman Expert class. His time for three laps was 3:29:41.029

The top Ironman Quad was 608, which was driven by Mike Horton of Poolville, Tex. He drove a CanAm in Quad Ironman Man Expert class. His time for two laps was 4:06:24.885.

The growth in popularity of UTVs can be seen in the UTVs that ran in the afternoon. There were 132 entries, or far more than the quads and motorcycles combined. Of these entries, 95 finished the race.

The top UTV was driven by Phil Blurton of Auburn, Calif. and Beau Judge of Sacramento, Calif. They rode T944, a CanAm in the UTV Turbo class. Their time on the course for three laps was 4:35:52.895.

Placing second among the UTVs, and barely a minute behind the first place team, were Austin Weiland and Justin Wragg of El Cajon, Calif. They drove T954, a CanAm, in the UTV Turbo class. For three laps, their time was 4:35:58.172.

Third place for the UTVs went to Jacob Carver of Prescott Valley, Ariz. and Austin Langham of Prescott, Ariz. They brought in T936, a Polaris, with a time of 4:41:10.888.

For local racers from Parker and Lake Havasu City, Nic Lyon had the best finish, coming in third in the Ironman classes. Jesus Masallon and Jorge Trevino of Parker placed 46th overall and fifth in the Open Amateur class on 396, a Custom-built. They completed two laps with a time of 4:31:33.129.

In the UTV race, the top local finisher was the Parker-based team of Jim Beaver and Bryant Shontz of Parker, Trent Beaver of Prescott, Ariz., and Mia Chapman of Florence, Ariz. They drove T915, a Polaris, to 39th overall and 21st in the UTV Turbo class. Their time was 5:27:04.519.

The Lake Havasu City-based team of Lacrecia Beurrier, Amy Blalock and Trevor Beurrier of Lake Havasu City and Emily Dobrinski of Fort Worth, Texas placed 48th overall and 13th in the UTV Pro class in 1924, a Polaris. Their time was 5:46:59.795.

A second Lake Havasu City-based team, Renee Hudson of Lake Havasu City and Brandon Jones of Las Vegas, Nev., didn’t finish the race. They drove 2911, a Polaris, in the UTV Unlimited class.

In addition to the big races on Saturday, there were youth and short-course races on Friday. Young racers zipped around a short course behind the main pit area near Avi Suquilla Airport.

The next BITD off-road event in Parker will be the BlueWater Resort & Casino/Best in the Desert Parker 425 presented by Jimco. This event will feature cars, trucks and buggies and will be held over two days, Friday, Jan. 24 and Saturday, Jan. 25.

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