The Parker Broncs golf team hosted the River Valley Dust Devils twice last week, and despite strong winds both days, the Broncs shot season-low scores as a team.

The first match was Monday, April 15. The Broncs shot a season low of 77 over par, which was five strokes better than the previous low of 82 they shot April 10. River Valley shot a score of 103 over par.

Sophomore Brayden Page led the Broncs and cracked the 50-stroke barrier as he shot a 48. This was the first time this season a Bronc shot under 50. Tallia Robledo shot a 56, Shaun Welch shot a 58, and freshman Ethan Sale carded a 59 to round out the Broncs’ top four.

The Broncs played the Dust Devils again on Wednesday, April 17, in their final home match of the season. The winds were stronger, but the Broncs still managed 77 over par as a team while the Dust Devils were 108 over par.

Ethan Sale led the way with a 54.  Shaun Welch and Sean Robledo each shot a 55 and Devin Donley had a 57. 

“Our first 2 matches were both 116 over par, so we are getting better,” said Coach Chad McKenzie.

The Broncs still have some ways to go in their golf season, but all their matches from here on out will be on the road.



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