The 2019 Summer Swim Program closed out June 26 with the annual Perry Hoffman Water Show at the pool at the Kofa Inn. Participants in the program had a chance to show off the skills they had learned over the summer.

The swim program is operated by the Pop Harvey Aquatic Association and uses the American Red Cross curriculum.

PHAA Director Buni Hooper said they had approximately 100 participants in the program this summer.

There were two shows. The one for the younger children in the 9 a.m. classes was at 6 p.m., while the show for the older children in the 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. classes was at 7:30. There were also awards presented to the lifeguards, swim instructors, and top students.

Several participants were chosen as Water Show kings and queens. From the 9 a.m. class, the kings were Revan Brovilette, Justice Hohlt, John Luke and Ryan Neel. The queens were Alexia Fife, Melanie Rodriguez, Holly Eizelle, and Isabel Ferris.

From the 10 a.m. class, the kings were Tenoch Vences, Esteban Castillo, and Koben Brown. The queens were Americas Hohlt, Payton McGuire, Elsie Holt and Leah Kimberlin.

The kings for the 11 a.m. class were Mitchel Bean and Jovanny Marmolejo. The queens were Makayla Jimenez and Mia Carrillo.

Hooper also introduced the PHAA board, including Board President Lori Wedemeyer and members Renea Tartaro, Raquel Reyna, Emily DeLeon, Frank Savino, Molly Goldsberry, Treasurer Brenda Crutcher and Teen Liaison Lucy Paterson.

The program is conducted by the Pop Harvey Aquatic Association with funding from donors, the Town of Parker and the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

The swim program has used the pool at the Kofa Inn since 2004 as the Town of Parker no longer has a public pool. During the time it was in operation from 1979 to 2003, it’s estimated more than 10,000 local children learned to swim there.

The Kofa Inn is an enterprise of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. The Town of Parker is another major contributor to the program. Many local civic clubs and other organizations also donated to the program.


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