Baseball hot dog

Well, the 2022 Major League Baseball season has started, and, after three games, the Arizona Diamondbacks are right where they were last year:  in last place in the NL West. I know you really can’t say that much about a team when they are 1-2 and the season is 162 games long. I’m sure they’re going to get better as things move along.

They couldn’t be as awful as they were last year. I say this as I knock on wood.

On another matter, it seems the D-Backs’ uniforms are drawing some attention. Unfortunately, it’s not the sort of attention they may want. It seems the publication “Just Baseball” has rated their uniforms as the worst in Major League Baseball.

That’s right. Dead last, 30th of 30.

“Just Baseball” said the Sedona Red and black combination just doesn’t work. They added those shiny teal numbers and letters they use on some of the jerseys only make matters worse.

Ethan Budowsky, a writer for “Just Baseball,” said the D-Backs should go back to the purple and teal from the Randy Johnson-Luis Gonzalez days. It seems ESPN ranked that uniform as No. 19 on their list of all-time best uniforms.

I’d go back even further. Frankly, I have never cared for the D-Backs’ uniforms, even the purple and teal ones. My reactions to their uniforms over the years have ranged from “Meh,” to “Are you kidding?” to “AAAAAAARRGH!”

I honestly think the old AAA Phoenix Firebirds had better looking uniforms than anything the D-Backs have had. In my mind, they were beautiful. I was sad when the Firebirds left, because I was not at all impressed with the D-Backs’ uniforms.

I’m not sure what it says that I thought the D-Backs’ “Los Serpientes” special uniforms looked better than their regular uniforms.

I saw that, when the D-Backs introduced new uniforms in recent years, the reaction among the fans was they’d rather see the franchise invest in a winning team on the field than invest in ugly new uniforms.

Maybe the next time the D-Backs want to change their uniforms, they should hold a contest among the fans to see who can create the best uniform. That would give the fans a stake in what the uniforms look like, and it would help management to see what the fans really want in a uniform.

Let’s get real here. The D-Backs uniforms, which were designed by professionals, are ranked dead last as the worst uniforms in Major League Baseball.

The fans couldn’t do much worse.


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