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Hunters who applied online for 2019 fall hunt permit tags have until 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Thursday, June 27 to update their credit or debit card information with the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Game & Fish said the same deadline applies to purchasing PointGuard. This ensures the accumulated bonus points that were expended to draw that hunt permit-tag will be reinstated if a successful applicant is unable or unwilling to participate in a hunt for any reason. These reasons could include illness, family emergencies, and even acts of nature such as wildfires or severe weather. The cost is $5 for each species. 

Applicants are encouraged to keep their credit card and debit card account information current. If payment is declined at the time of the draw, the application will not be drawn. The department no longer calls applicants to obtain payment on drawn applications where credit cards or debit cards have failed.

Applicants who have been issued a new credit card or debit card, a new expiration date, or had a change to their card’s number should visit The last name and order number on the applicant’s draw receipt (sent by email after submission of the application) are required to update the credit card or debit card on file. For applicants who can’t locate their draw receipt, or might have deleted it from their email account, AZGFD is available to update card information by calling (602) 942-3000, option “5,” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Game & Fish reminds hunters to update payment information for each species for which an online application has been submitted.

Applicants can purchase PointGuard as part of their online application through 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Thursday, June 27, provided they have created a free AZGFD portal account. It’s quick and easy. Visit and complete the required fields. Draw results will be posted to portal accounts.

For more information, call the department at (602) 942-3000.


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