Madison's Racing

No. 1104 placed first in the 1100 class Friday at the Parker 425. It was a Volkswagen driven by Rick Madison of Parker, Ariz. It was one of two vehicles from Madison’s Racing to win their class. The other was No. 2088. It was a Jimco driven by Zane Strong, Palm Desert, Calif.; Mark Strong, Cathedral City, Calif.; and Daniel Clark, Parker, Ariz.


In the midst of the COVD-19 era, spectators and participants donned their face masks, and celebrated the 2021 BlueWater Resort Parker 425 presented by Jimco. This race, organized by Best in the Desert Racing Association, is a time honored tradition for “Parkerites”

The two entries from Madison’s Racing, of Parker Ariz., claimed class victories over the challenging Arizona desert in Vehicle No. 1104 piloted by Rick Madison, and vehicle No. 2088 piloted by Zane and Mark Strong, along with Daniel Clark completed the required three laps with no mechanical failures. Off-road racing is a race against time and terrain, and is physically challenging for the drivers, and mechanically testing for the equipment. Madison was pleased that both VW powered cars did well.

In a prepared statement, Rick Madison stated, “As a third-generation racer, I feel honored to be a part of the Parker 425, keeping Casey Folks’ legendary event alive. Booya!”

“I’d also like to thank the love of my life, Jennifer, for running our Torco Fuel booth at the Downtown Experience. And a big thank you to my parents, Jim and Barb Madison, and pit crew members; Jennifer, Casey, Ryan, Israel, Steve, Valerie, Daniel, Nikki, Mark, Kimberly, Zane, Jenna and Miles.  All this could not be achieved without great sponsors like Miller Family Holdings, Vessco Accessories, Torco Race fuels, Madison’s Race Prep and Parker Auto & Marine. Thank you for your continued support.”


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