Misty Meenor

Misty Meenor

(Editor’s note:  Misty, a cat, noticed her pet human, John Gutekunst, was having trouble coming up with new baseball columns. She decided to give him the week off and write this column herself.)

Hello, all you La Paz County kitties!

I don’t have to tell all you felines out there about the joys of sharing your home with a human. There are all kinds of benefits. They feed you, give you soft places to sleep, and they pet and cuddle you. Personally, I never liked being picked up or cuddled, but I found it’s a sign of affection from my human, so I put up with it.

Lately, however, I have noticed something wrong with my human. He seems sad and listless, like something is really bothering him. He was receptive when I asked for petting and snuggles, but he seemed almost disinterested. I had to watch him closely before I finally figured out what it was.

I know my human loves the game of baseball, and I finally came to understand he feels like he does because they don’t have baseball this year. It seemed like it was late in the year for baseball to not have started. Now I understand much of it has been cancelled, and my human misses it. That’s why he’s been acting the way he has.

Do you have a human or humans who likes baseball, and are your humans acting the same way? I have some advice for you.

The first thing to realize is that, if your humans miss baseball, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from them or ignore them. In fact, they may need you more than ever.

There are reasons humans have cats around. Sometimes, it’s purely practical, as when we go after rodents like rats and mice. However, there are other things we do that make humans want to have us around.

Take, for example, the simple acts of purring and nuzzling. Humans love it when we do this. They’ll reach down and pet us, or they’ll give us something to eat.

Humans love our purring. They consider it one of the most pleasant sounds in the world. Hearing us purr almost always makes humans feel better. That’s why purring and rubbing against them when they’re not feeling good, like my human is now, is a good thing for us to do for our humans.

There are other things we can do, like getting them to play with us. Play is one way humans can learn to forget the things that are bothering them. We can also do the silly things that make them laugh. I know that sounds degrading, but, when it comes to your humans, you want to see them happy. When they’re happy, they’ll feed you more.

Humans provide us with a lot of support. Showing them support when they’re feeling down is something we can do for them. That’s what being a pet is all about.


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