9-15 PHS football

The Parker Broncs football team is seen with the firefighter’s axe that is the symbol of their rivalry with the Wickenburg Wranglers. The Broncs won the right to keep the axe for a year after they defeated the Wranglers Sept. 10, 34-28, in overtime.

When the Parker Broncs varsity football team came back from Wickenburg the evening of Sept. 10, they had a little something extra with them:  the firefighter’s axe that is the symbol of the rivalry between the two schools. After losing the axe last year, the Broncs won it back in dramatic fashion as they defeated the Wickenburg Wranglers, 34-28, in overtime.

Parker Coach Jeston Lotts said the game went back and forth, and he praised both teams as playing hard, physical football.

At the end of four quarters, the score was tied at 28-28. Under the overtime rules of the Arizona Interscholastic Association, each team starts at the 10-yard line and has four downs to try to score. They will alternate back and forth until one team scores. If a team scores in their four downs, the other team will be given four downs from the 10-yard line to try to score. If the team fails to score and tie things up, the first team will be declared the winner.

Parker won the coin toss, and they got to go first. They scored a touchdown on a pass from quarterback Zach Bennett to Thaddeus Nopah.

The Wranglers then got their turn. They pushed down to Parker’s 3-yard line. On the next play, Anthony Taylor forced a fumble from the Wranglers, which was recovered by the Broncs’ Juan Carlos Figueroa. The Broncs were declared the winners.

Lotts said no individual players really stood out as this was a team effort.

“This is just a great group of young men,” he said.

The Broncs are now 3-0 on their 2021 season. This week, on Friday, Sept. 17, they’ll be on the road to Winterhaven, Calif. to play the San Pasqual Warriors. The Warriors are 0-2 on the season and are coming off a 55-6 loss to Valley Lutheran on Sept. 10.

The Broncs’ next home game will be Sept. 24 against the Antelope Rams of Wellton. Game time at Joe Bush Stadium is 7 p.m.

Here are the standings in the 2A Agua Fria region. Teams are listed by region games, games against 2A schools, and overall record:

PARKER:  0-0, 2-0, 3-0

Camp Verde:  0-0, 2-1, 2-1

Glendale Prep:  0-0, 0-2, 0-3

Kingman Academy:  0-0, 0-2, 0-3

Highland Prep:  0-0, 0-3, 0-3



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