With the 2021 baseball season over with, we need to ask what the most embarrassing moment was for the Arizona Diamondbacks. With a team that finished 52-110, there is no shortage of candidates.

Some would say it was their 22-1 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers July 10 in L.A. I personally think it was very unsporting of the Dodgers to go for that two-point conversion after their third touchdown.

In that game, the Dodgers hit eight home runs, including a pair of grand slams.

The sound of the Dodgers batting that night reminded everyone of the finale to the “1812 Overture.”

As far as the most embarrassing way they lost a game, that may have been their 100th loss of the season Sept. 17 to the Houston Astros. They took the Houston Astros into extra-innings at Minute Maid Park. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th, the D-Backs’ Tyler Clippard hit the Astros’ Chad McCormick with a pitch and Yordan Alvarez scored to win the game.

How often do you see this, a walk-off hit-by-pitch? Leave it to the D-Backs to pull it off.

On June 22, the D-Backs pulled off their most embarrassing play of the year. It was one of those plays where you have to convince yourself it actually happened.

It came in the sixth inning of a 5-0 D-Backs’ loss to the Milwaukee Brewers at Chase Field. The Brewers’ Daniel Vogelbach was on second when Omar Narvaez smacked a base hit to center field. Pavin Smith fielded it and fired the ball to Josh Rojas, who lobbed the ball to Nick Ahmed.

Vogelbach roared around third and headed home. Then, he hurt his leg and found himself hobbling along the baseline (it turned out to be a pulled hamstring). It should’ve been an easy out if Ahmed had thrown to ball to catcher Daulton Varsho. Instead, Ahmed simply stood there holding the ball as Vogelbach scored.

What was Ahmed thinking? Whatever it was, he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around him.

Varsho was quite a sight, jumping up and down and stamping his feet like a little kid as he yelled for Ahmed to throw him the ball. Maybe that was appropriate, as this looked like something from a Little League game.

Television play-by-play announcer Steve Berthtiaume saw what was happening and started yelling on his own.

“Get it in!! Get it in!!” he yelled. “THROW THE BALL!!!”

When you have your own TV announcer yelling at you, that’s getting pretty bad.

I have a feeling the D-Backs did a lot to stimulate the economy at bars and liquor stores around the state this past summer.

What does 2022 look like, at this point? Let’s face it:  this isn’t a bad team. This is a truly awful team. While there appears to be some genuine talent, it’s still being developed. The management also has the bad habit of trading away their top talent for untested prospects. It’s going to be a while before the D-Backs are contenders again.

At least the train wreck of the 2021 season is over. Things couldn’t get worse.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that. There’s a railroad track directly behind Chase Field, and if a train should have an accident, the 2022 season really could be a train wreck.

I also shouldn’t say things couldn’t get worse, because that’s when they usually do.


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