Thanksgiving Regatta

Two boats owned by James Best of Pinon Hills, Calif. jockey for position in the Classic Endurance race at the 2020 Thanksgiving Regatta. Best himself was driving No. 145, while Skip Ewing was driving No. 141.

The results have been posted from the Absolute Speed & Marine 74th Annual Thanksgiving Regatta Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Brink Property Management, RaceTec Pistons, Parker Oil, Amsoil & Hot Rods & Hobbies, which was run on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 27 and 28 at La Paz County Park.

The races are organized by the Southern California Speedboat Club.

Veteran racer R.J. West had a good regatta as he won two classes. He placed first in the Formula Lights in No. 25, which is owned by Warren West. He also placed first in the Formula 1s, driving No. 93, which is owned by Chuck Skelton.

Casey Jones of Newberry Springs, Calif. won two classes. He placed first in the Sportsman Limited “C” Hydroplane class and the Outlaw “A” Hyrdoplane class. He drove the same boat both times, No. 72.

Boat No. 719, which is owned by Tim Hoffman of Mesa, Ariz., won in two classes. It won in the GPS 100 class and the Sportsman Extreme class. Tim himself drove the boat in the GPS 100 races, while Casey Hoffman of Mesa, Ariz. drove in the Sportsman Extreme Class.

There were two class winners from the local area. Jay Hart of Lake Havasu City won in the K-boat class. He drove No. 16, which is owned by John Guthrie, who is also from Lake Havasu City.

Tyler Louis of Lake Havasu City placed first in Classic Endurance class. He drove No. 19, which is owned by Jim Louis of Lake Havasu City.

The event has taken place at the BlueWater Resort & Casino in recent years. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all special events at the BlueWater have been cancelled until further notice. The facility began a phased reopening in September. The most recent phase has been a partial reopening of the hotel, which began last week.

The Enduro race was held in October at Patria Flats, while the Thanksgiving Regatta was held at County Park.

While spectators were allowed, social distancing regulations were in effect for this event.

Class winners are listed by class, boat number, owner, owner’s home town (if they are listed), driver, and driver’s home town.

Classic Endurance

19- Jim Louis, Lake Havasu City; Tyler Louis, Lake Havasu City.

Comp Jet

357- Randall Dilworth, Powell, Wyo.; Randall Dilworth and Mark Dilworth, Powell, Wyo.

Crackerbox Pro

88- Lance Stump, Perris, Calif.; Scott Stump and Blake Stump, Perris, Calif.


719- Tim Hoffman, Mesa, Ariz.; Tim Hoffman, Mesa, Ariz.


16- John Guthrie Jr., Lake Havasu City; Jay Hart, Lake Havasu City.

Sportsman Exteme

719- Tim Hoffman. Mesa, Ariz.; Casey Hoffman, Mesa, Ariz.


741- Payson, Utah; Tyler Roth, Mesa, Ariz.

Formula Lights

25- Warren West, Manteca, Calif; R.J. West, Manteca, Calif.

Formula 1

93- Chuck Skelton, Santa Clarita, Calif.; R.J. West, Manteca, Calif.

The following classes list the drivers only.

Sportsman Limited “C” Hydroplane

72- Casey Jones, Newberry Springs, Calif.

Sportsman Limited “A” Hydroplane

2X- Sean Davison, Long Beach, Calif.

Junior Hydroplane

12R- Carson Kelly, Bonney Lake, Wash.

Outlaw “A” Hydroplane

72- Casey Jones, Newberry Springs, Calif.


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