Grenwalt Racing

Joshua Grenwalt and Cody Hucklebridge of Parker and Joshua Esquerra of Lake Havasu City drove this UTV, No. 1947, to 59th place overall in the four lap UTV classes and 19th in the UTV Pro N/A class. The UTV, a Polaris, is seen during the Downtown Experience, which was held Friday, Jan. 19.

Q11- Howard Tande of Minden, NV and Don Higbee of Lake Havasu, AZ; 04:38:46.032; Polaris; 33rd overall and 3rd in Quad Pro.

614- Kyle Standage of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 04:38:01.686; Yamaha; 13th overall and first in Quad Ironman Expert.

N3- Jeff Trulove of Wrightwood, CA and Jeremy Newton, Lake Havasu City, AZ; 04:44:04.315; KTM; 6th overall and 6th in Open Pro.

396- Jorge, Trevino of Parker, AZ;  Jesse Trevino of Parker, AZ; and Mario Isaac Walrod of Parker, AZ; 04:42:29.878; KTM; 15th overall and 3rd in Open Amateur.

O91- Slater Skirvin of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 03:06:04.670; Honda; DNF, Ironman Amateur

670- Shawn Thompson of Parker, AZ; 02:06:56.019; Unknown make; DNF, Quad Ironman Amateur.

T814- Kossnar Guenther of Mission Viejo, CA Shane Hale of Parker, AZ; 05:25:34.755; Polaris; 22nd overall and 14th in UTV Turbo.

2915- Jim. Beaver of Parker, AZ and Bryant Shontz of Parker, AZ; 4 05:50:58.578; Polaris; 34th overall and 7th in UTV Unlimited.

T803- Savannah Stocking of Lake Havasu City, AZ; Kole Kramer of Lake Havasu City, AZ  and Scott Stocking of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 04:41:45.892; Can-Am; 50th overall and 23rd in UTV Turbo.

1947- Joshua Grenwalt of Parker, AZ; Cody Hucklebridge of Parker, AZ; and  Joshua Esquerra of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 05:26:37.151; Polaris; 59th overall and 19th in UTV Pro N/A.

2941- Steven Poole of Quartzsite, AZ and  Brian Logan of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 04:38:30.555; Can-AM; 65th overall and 13th in UTV Unlimited.

1989- Renee Hudson of Lake Havasu City, AZ;Heather Bonanni of Laguna Miguel, CA and Richie Hudson of Lake Havasu City, AZ; 02:52:59.086; Polaris; DNF, UTV Pro N/A.

1909- Brian Day of Parker, AZ; Steven Pelerine of Parker, CO; and Perry Humphrey, Parker, AZ; 03:42:22.053 0 Polaris; DNF, UTV Pro N/A.

U993- Brian Allaire and Don Shearer of Bouse, AZ; 05:00:37.714; Custom; 16th overall and 13th in UTV Rally.


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