Ballpark food

If felt weird at first. There I was, at the Parker High gym for two basketball games, and I saw first-hand all the restrictions due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It felt strange seeing everyone, including the players, wearing masks. The crowd was so small, due to all the attendance restrictions from the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

I admit it was depressing. Then, the game started.

Soon, my depression was gone. The players were as enthusiastic and playing as hard as ever, and the crowd, while small, was just as supportive and enthusiastic. I was into the game and having a great time.

The crowd certainly appreciated it when I did my silly dancing between the third and fourth quarters of the boys’ game.

It’s been said the pandemic has changed everything with high school sports. A lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t changed:  high school sports are still high school sports, with all the thrills and enthusiasm they’ve always had. The masks can’t hide the enthusiasm, and the crowds can still make plenty of noise for their size.

I understand some schools have taken to broadcasting their games on their Facebook pages. This is probably one of the best uses for social media I’ve ever seen. Who knows? We may have a future Al McCoy calling the play-by-play for one of these schools.

Human beings are remarkably adaptable. We can make the best of almost any bad situation. Okay, so they have to wear masks all the time and practice social distancing when not on the court or the field. So maybe only a handful of people can attend these games. At least they can still play. They may as well give it everything they’ve got, which is what they always want to do anyway.

Let’s play winter sports, and go Broncs! We’re with you even if we can’t be there.

On another subject:

Here’s something to consider. The lifetime home run champion and the lifetime hits champion for Major League Baseball are not in the Hall of Fame. I’m talking about Barry Bonds and Pete Rose. They’re not in the Hall of Fame because of what they did off the field.

Bonds, of course, has been suspected of using illegal performance enhancers, like steroids, for years. If one compares what he looked like at the start of his career with what he looked like at the end, it would be hard not to wonder what he had been doing to himself.

Rose bet on baseball games when he managed the Cincinnati Reds. While he never bet on the Reds, this is a big no-no. Rose always played “all out,” and he took a lot of risks. Perhaps it should’ve been no surprise that he was a gambler because he was addicted to taking risks.

A lot of Hall of Famers have said they will not attend the Hall if these two are admitted. I can understand their feelings. Perhaps there is another way the Hall could honor these two.

I believe the Hall should have a pine tree or a cactus planted and named after Bonds. After all, these plants are full of needles.

As for Rose, they should name two rooms after him. One would be for women, and the other would be for men.

Yes, it could be I’ve been thinking too hard.


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