Parker Broncs

It’s now official. Parker High sports fans will be paying more to attend home games. The Governing Board of the Parker Unified School District approved the new ticket prices at a special meeting Sept. 25.

The Board also approved a family pass plan that will make it more economical for families to attend sporting events.

The new admission fees are $5 for adults, $3 for seniors and $2 for students. To qualify for the student rate, a student must present his or her ID card at the gate.

Superintendent Brad Sale said the increase was necessary to keep up with inflation. He noted they pay the game workers $12 per hour. He said they did not want to cut into their Maintenance & Operations budget to pay for athletic events.

Sale said he had contacted other school districts and found that $5 for adults is reasonable among Arizona schools. He said Chino Valley, which was the first school the Parker Broncs’ football team played this season, charges $7 for adults.

At the same meeting, the Board approved a Family Activity Pass for Parker High sporting events. This pass will cost $100 per year and cover a household of five, up to two adults and three children. Each additional child will be an additional $10.

The pass will be a hard plastic card, similar to a credit or debit card. It will have the names of those covered by the pass printed on the card. Replacing the card if it’s lost or destroyed will be $45. The gate attendants at each game will have a list of who has passes and who is covered by those passes. As Sale explained, if a family forgets to bring the pass, they can still get in because the gate attendants will be able to confirm they have a pass.

Parker High School currently charges admission for these athletic activities:  football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and wrestling meets. Sale said they have approximately 25 events each year where they charge admission.

For more information on the Family Activity Pass, call Parker High School at 928-669-9244.


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