Bob Brenly

Bob Brenly

Two more signs the Arizona Dingbats . . . er, D-Backs are having a bad season.

I understand the D-Backs have been calling around and talking to other teams about possible trades. However, the only response they’ve been getting is hysterical laughter.

I heard the 2004 D-Backs called the front office. They wanted to thank the 2021 squad for making them look good.

Do you remember the 2004 D-Backs? They went 51-111 and replaced the Detroit Tigers as the object of Jay Leno’s jokes. The 2021 squad is on track to have about the same record. I’m glad Leno isn’t on television to make jokes about them anymore. He’d been having a field day.

As of this writing, the Dingbats have the worst record in baseball at 20-46. They’ve lost their last 10 games and are 8-28 over their last 36 games.

I’m beginning to think watching paint dry would be more fun than watching the D-Backs.

It probably doesn’t help matters that Kole Calhoun is back on the disabled list, as are four of the regular starting pitchers, including Madison Bumgarner, Luke Weaver, Zac Gallen, and Taylor Widenener.

With the team playing so poorly, that could explain the focus on announcer Bob Brenly’s comment about New York Mets’ pitcher Marcus Stroman’s head scarf or “do-rag.” I get the feeling the media would rather talk about that than talk about how lousy the D-Backs are this year.

For the record, in a game against the Mets, Brenly made a lame joke about how he was sure Stroman’s do-rag was the same one Tom Seaver wore when he pitched for the Mets. Brenly is white while Stroman is Black.

You would’ve thought Brenly just insulted motherhood. There were accusations he was a dirty, rotten racist who didn’t like Black and Latino players taking over the game. His other insulting comments about Black and Latino players were rehashed over and over again. There were claims the D-Backs are a racist organization for employing Brenly, and they do not represent baseball or Arizona well. There were calls that Brenly be held accountable. He, and other old racist baseball men like him, should be suspended or fired, banished from baseball for their wickedness. They should be cast into the outer darkness, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Okay, I made that last one up, but you get the idea.

It’s worth noting the do-rag has a long history in the Black community. It serves a practical purpose of protecting the head. It has long been a symbol of Black culture and pride. I’ll admit it was wrong for Brenly to make fun of it.

However, was the comment really worth the hissy fits I’ve seen about it?

If the Mets and others really wanted to make a point about Brenly, they should take the high road and insult him with kindness. I would have a specially-made do-rag presented to Brenly while he’s on the air. The presenters could tell him they thought he needed something to protect his bald head from the sun. Perhaps they could have him try it on and show him how it works.

All this could be done with a pleasant tone of voice that makes it sound like the people presenting the do-rag really care about him.

Sometimes, the best revenge is to be nice to someone.

The whole incident reminds me of how Mel Brooks said he couldn’t make a movie like “Blazing Saddles” today. The movie made fun of racism, but too many people today would be offended by much of its content and wouldn’t get the jokes.

Brenly was wrong for making a lame joke about a Black player’s do-rag. The hissy fits in response are not making anything better.

Perhaps the moral of the story is “Don’t rag on a do-rag.”


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