8-4 UTVs

Best in the Desert Racing Association has announced new rules for UTVs, like these seen at the 2019 Parker 250. UTVs have become the fastest growing vehicle class in off-road racing. The new rules goes into effect in January 2022.

Best in the Desert Racing Association has drafted new rules for Utility Terrain Vehicles for the 2022 racing season.

BITD said the updated rules are designed to provide a more level playing field within the classes, provide clearer distinction between the various class structures, and offer a more defined path forward for progression from entry level to top pro competition.

UTVs have become the fastest growing segment of off-road racing. At the annual Parker 250 race, there have recently been more UTVs than motorcycles and quads combined.

In addition to new rules, the class names have been refined to provide a better description about each class and to improve their marketability.

The new rules were developed through consultation with UTV manufacturers, aftermarket companies, race teams, and other interested parties engaged in the UTV off-road racing segment.

The 2022 class names will be:

  • UTV Sportsman Rally
  • UTV Super Stock
  • UTV NA Production
  • UTV Trophy Unlimited
  • UTV Open
  • UTV Turbo Production

BITD wants racers and fans to know their commitment to UTV racers has never been stronger. For the first time in race history, both the UTV Turbo Production and Open Classes will qualify at the upcoming Method Race Wheels Live Broadcast of V2R Time Trials. In addition, BITD’s All Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship event will be aired on MAV TV later this fall. There has never been more focus or attention paid to this segment of the sport.

“Best in the Desert has been the leader in UTV off-road racing from the beginning,” commented BITD CMO Bryan Folks. “We were the first to bring UTVs to off-road racing and typically draw the largest fields from race to race. We have witnessed the tremendous growth first-hand. and felt it was time to take a longer look at our current rules to see where we could improve them.”

“I talk to our UTV racers every day,” stated Best In the Desert UTV Director of Competition Allen Rudd. “It was clear that it was time for our sport to take the next step, and it was important that, whatever direction we took with the new rules, that no one was penalized by the new rules. In other words, the new rules shouldn’t require wholesale rebuilds of existing race vehicles. With the input we received from manufacturers, aftermarket companies, and race teams, we think these are valid updates. As always, I am available for comments and questions.”

The new 2022 Best in the Desert UTV Rules can be found at bitd.com/rule-books/ and will go into effect January 1, 2022.


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