Parker Bass Club

The Parker Bass Club held a tournament Feb. 28 at Mittry Lake in Yuma. Tom Graham (left) holds a 5-pound fish, while Josh Openshaw holds the largest bass ever caught in one of the bass club’s tournaments, a whopping 8.45 pounds.


Greetings from Mittry Lake in Yuma, Arizona.  That is where the February 2020 Parker Bass Club tournament was held...rain or shine.  And it did both.  Maybe it was the weather or maybe it was the lake, but some really big bass hit the scales at the end of the day. 

Interesting lake.  It's part of the Colorado River chain, but it is a combination of open water and a maze of crisscrossing canals.  Pay attention to where you are and where you were, because every intersection looks alike.

Most of the club members reported using reaction lures such as chatter-baits and spinner-baits.  A few others said soft plastic baits were better, but you know they all told the truth. 

Regardless, weigh-in became a game of “can you beat this.”  The team of Johnny Thomas and Shane Moline started it with a 5.65 pound bass in their bag, only to be disappointed when Jay Clagg and Joe Pena put their 6.86 pound bass on the scale.  That large-mouth held up as the “big fish” of the tournament until Keith Learn and John Yarbrough weighed-in a very impressive 7.20 pounder in their bag that now totaled over 15 pounds.  Not so fast... last but not least, Tom Graham and Josh Openshaw recorded the largest bass ever caught in a Parker Bass Club tournament at 8.45 pounds.  Details remain sketchy regarding the lure that landed that “money-maker.”

Oh, by the way, Mark Wilkinson, fishing by himself, almost went unnoticed without a lunker fish, but won the tournament with 5 bass totaling 16.72 pounds.  Congratulations. 

Next tournament for the club will be local:  March 22 on the Parker Strip.

We would like to recognize and thank our sponsors:  Spanky's RV and Marine, Havasu Springs Resort, John Burns at Chevron, Parker Family Dental, and River Island Market.         


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