Parker Broncs

Fans can expect to pay more to attend athletic events in the Parker Unified School District. The Parker School Board approved gate fee increases at their Sept 11 meeting. They are also considering a group pass that would allow small groups to attend all athletic events for a flat fee.

The new gate fees are $5 for adults, $3 for seniors over 55, and $2 for children over age 5.

Superintendent Brad Sale said the reason for the increases was to keep up with inflation.

Sale said they are trying to at least break even on the expenses related to athletic events. He said game workers are paid $12 an hour, which is more than the minimum wage, to make it worth their while. He added that the annual sports banquets and awards are also paid for through the gate fees.

Sale told the board that he’d seen gate fee increases at other schools. At the Parker Broncs’ football season opener in Chino Valley, Sale said he saw they charge $7 for adults.

While they were approving the gate fee increases, Sale asked the board to consider what he called a “Family Activity Pass.” This would allow a group of up to four people to attend all athletic events where a gate fee is charged for a flat rate. He suggested that flat rate should be $100.

Sale said the people who would benefit most from this pass would be families with children in more than one sport. He said there are 25 athletic events at Parker High School this school year where gate fees are charged. Even if just one person from the group goes, that $100 flat fee comes to an average of $4 per event, which would be less than the single-event fee of $5 for adults.

The Parker School Board will discuss the matter further at a special meeting at 9 a.m. Sept. 25 in the Conference Room in the Superintendent’s Office.


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