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The 2021 football season for the Parker Broncs is over. With a 39-14 loss to the Morenci Wildcats Nov. 20, the Broncs were eliminated from the Arizona Interscholastic Association 2A state tournament. Morenci will play Arizona Lutheran Academy this Saturday, Nov. 27 for the state title.

It was a great ride while it lasted.

Don’t feel bad, Broncs fans. Let’s put this in perspective. Look at it this way:  only two 2A teams in the entire state went further than the Broncs did in 2021. Just two.

Any way you look at it, the Broncs had an incredible season. They finished the season in some very elite company. I suspect there are a lot of high school football players and coaches around the state who would’ve loved to have gone as far as the Broncs did.

We should all be proud of the Broncs. These young men played well and made a name for themselves at the state level. Parker has earned the respect of the entire state.

I’ve been reporting on Parker High Sports for almost 20 years now. I actually watched two of the current coaches, Kyle Carlson and Sean Golding, when they played football for the Broncs. I consider many of the young people I’ve met at Parker High as my kids, and these are two of my kids that I am very proud of.

The 2021 squad was quite a contrast with the 2008 team. That team also made a name for itself at the state level. Unfortunately, that name was “mud.”

The Broncs were 0-10 that year, and they were a bad 0-10 team. The problem was they couldn’t run the ball. They had just 250 yards rushing for the entire season. That’s right, just 250 yards for the season. I know teams that get that much and more every game.

I’ve seen the Broncs when they’ve been up and when they’ve been down. Being a fan is like being on a roller coaster. Over the years, it can be quite a ride.

So, the 2021 season is over. Hopefully, these young men will carry the life lessons they’ve learned from football into their adult lives. High school football isn’t the end of things. It’s just the beginning. I suspect these young men learned a lot of things that will be useful to them as time goes on.

I’ll bet I will have even more kids to be proud of.


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