William's Indoor Golf

William Eddy of William’s Indoor Golf Club stands next to the computerized golf simulator that is the centerpiece of the facility. He described it as golf for people who don’t like the summer heat.

If you want a golf experience without the summer heat, you might want to check out William’s Indoor Golf Club, which opened July 26. It’s located at the corner of Joshua and Arizona Avenues, in the building that previously housed Parker Office Supply.

The business is run by William Eddy. He described the place as for people who want to play golf but don’t want to face the heat of a Parker summer.

Eddy’s partner is local golf pro Anthony Greenwood. He can provide instruction to golfers on how to improve their game.

The centerpiece is a golf simulator from TruGolf. Eddy said the simulator allows for everything, including driving, putting and chipping. One of the best things about the computerized simulator is it provides instant feedback on a golfer’s swing and other parts of his or her technique.

“It’s good for practice and training,” he said.

Eddy said he is a chef by trade, but he found it was too expensive to start a restaurant or a food truck.

“I was looking for something less risky and less expensive,” he said.

This is what led him to open the indoor golf facility.

Eddy is selling annual memberships at $65 each. With a membership, the fee for 18 holes is $25, nine holes is $17, and 36 holes is $45. The practice range is $12 for 30 minutes.

If you’re not a member, the fee for 18 holes is $35, nine holes are $25, 36 holes are $55, and the practice range is $19 for 30 minutes.

In addition, the club can do golf club fitting and can build custom sets of clubs. They also sell soft drinks and have a limited amount of golf merchandise available.

Eddy said he has several promotions in the works. He said one of these could be a closest to the pin contest.

William’s Indoor Golf Club is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The phone number is 928-575-1137.

To check out TruGolf and their products, go to https://trugolf.com/.


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