2018 Enduro

Boat racing fans were treated to an afternoon of exciting action Oct. 27 at the BlueWater Resort & Casino Parker Enduro. In the foreground is Boat No. 129, which was driven by Bill James. He placed eighth overall and fourth in division 2 by completing 39 laps in the allotted time.

Boat racing fans had plenty of excitement at the 2018 BlueWater Parker Enduro was run Oct. 27. This is a four-hour race that features many different classes of racing boats, and is intended to be a test of drivers and their machines. The modern Enduro is based on the original Nine-Hour Enduro of the 1960s. It was one of the most prestigious events in boat racing at the time.

The overall winning boat was No. 147, which was driven by John Haddon in Division 6. He completed 53 laps in the allotted time. The second place team of Paul Fitzgerald, Timmy Hoffman and Tommy Thompson in No. 92 were right behind him with 52 laps. They were in Division 4.

Sponsors for the 2018 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker Enduro Presented by Nick Rose Insurance included the BlueWater Resort & Casino, Nick Rose Insurance, Nordic & Hallett Boats, Integral Products, Advanced Oil Field Services, Krude Boyz Racing, Ecology Auto Parts, L&V Construction, Jet Re-Nu, Club Royal Oak/The Flatbottom Boogies, Twisted Liquid Marine, Hot Rod's & Hobbies, Mark's Towing of Parker

2018 Overall Winner & 2018 "King of the River" No. 147 - John Haddon, Team Sea-Witch Marine/Yamaha

Division I winner – No. 134 Joe Masek, Matthew Roach, Tony Scarlata; "Pop D'Cucci" 

Division II winner – No. 007 Mike "Hill" Quindazzi; "Buckshot Special"

Division III winner – No. 7 Todd Kelm; "Angry Bird"

Division IV winner & Pledge Agreement Winner - $76,500 - GN 92, Paul Fitzgerald, Timmy "Smokin Eddie" Hoffman, Tommy Thompson; "Crazy Horse Rides Again" 

Division VI winner- #147 John Haddon; "Team Sea-Witch Marine/Yamaha" 

Division VII winner - #54 Dirk Olsen, Ryan Heiser, John Cogan; "Smokin"

Overall Results:

Listed by boat number, division, driver(s), laps and time

147 DV6 John Haddon, 53, 4h 07m 22.37

92 DV4 Paul Fitzgerald, Timmy Hoffman and Tommy Thompson, 52, 4h 08m 46.09

007 DV2 Mike "Hill" Quindazzi, 50, 4h 08m 33.74

128 DV2 Greg Ronkainen, Rick Barron, 44, 4h 12m 01.07

31 DV2 Mike LaPagllia, 43, 4h 07m 38.90

54 DV7 Dirk Olsen, Ryan Heiser, and John Cogan, 43, 4h 07m 48.14

7 DV3 Todd Kelm, 41, Not Running

129 DV2 Bill James 39 4h 13m 01.93

134 DV1 Joe Masek, Matthew Roach and Tony Scarlata; 37, 4h 10m 52.07

747 DV4 Doug Lightfoot, Josh Lightfoot and Chris Lightfoot; 37, 4h 11m 12.59

15 DV6 Tom Brunner, Scott Brunner and Tayler Brunner, 37, 4h 12m 33.19

702 DV1 Billy Mason, 35, 4h 10m 00.66

33 DV3 Frank Randel, 35, Not Running

30 DV4 Cole / Mike Noble, Clay McKinley, and Pat Hoban; 29, Not Running

82 DV4 Dan Chivens, Mike Owens, and Mike Purcznyski; 29, Not Running

47 DV4 Larry Gebhart, Bob Alexander, and  Blake Alexander; 27, Not Running

96 DV4 Jack Stutesman and Dave Allen; 27, Not Running

48 DV6 John Lane, Greg Foster, and Alan Stoker; 17, Not Running

343 DV6 Keith Bandy and John Courtermanche; 17, 4h 12m 02.02

777 DV4 Mike Stock, Ty Newton, and Tommy Thompson; 17, Not Running

369 DV4 Heath Hiebert, Andrew Barker, and Kaylee Hiebert; 16, Not Running

790 DV4 Lanse Haselrig, Peter Guy, and Bobby Frye; 13, Not Running

111 DV1 Charlie White, Stacy Percell, and Donald Ricks; 11, Not Running

312 DV6 Randy Lewis and John Stewart; 10, Not Running

69 DV4 Clay McKinley, 9; Not Running

19 DV4 Jim Louis, Tyler Louis, and Cory Ferguson; 8, Not Running

29 DV4 Mike Johnson and Greg Shirley; 6, Not Running

911 DV4 Dirk Olsen, Ryan Heiser, and Aaron Minnema; 6, Not Running

66 DV1 Shawn Beal, Brian Holland, and Brock Keenan; 5, Not Running

307 DV6 Steve Linder and John Stewart; 5, Not Running

234 DV6 Kevin Taylor and Tim Carmack; 3, Not Running

145 DV4 James Best, John Best, and Skip Ewing; 2, Not Running

333 DV4 Duff Dailey, 2, Not Running

810 DV4 Dennis Rankin and Cory Gerlach; 1, Not Running

386 DV6 John Soares, 26, DQ


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