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The La Paz Youth Soccer Association received a donation of soccer equipment June 29 from Pass It On, a non-profit that distributed lightly-used sports equipment to people and leagues who can use them. It was founded by 13-year-old Wade Crum of Scottsdale. Gathered around some of the equipment are (from left) Sara Crum, Greg Crum, Martha Duran, Wade Crum, LPYSA President  Courtney Kom, Tyler Crum, and LPYSA Commissioner Hector Duran.

Efforts at reviving a youth soccer league in Parker and La Paz County got a big boost June 29 when the La Paz Youth Soccer Association received a donation of equipment, shoes and jerseys from a non-profit started by a 13-year-old.

Hector Duran, the Commissioner of LPYSA, and Courtney Kom, the association’s president, received a donation of approximately 1,500 items from Pass It On, which was founded by Wade Crum, who will be a freshman this fall at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale.

Duran sits on the board of the Arizona Soccer Association, and he spoke with their CEO, Rick Kelsey, about their urgent need for equipment if they are going to revive youth soccer in Parker. Kelsey called Crum and asked him to get in touch with Duran.

Crum said he got the idea for the non-profit from all the soccer and other athletic equipment he had at his home that he had outgrown. He began Pass It On to gather and distribute older, lightly used equipment to people and organizations who can use them.

Crum’s father, Greg, said a lot of people have lightly used soccer equipment from children who have outgrown them. He noted the cost of items like cleated shoes can be expensive, and the non-profit gives those who may not have been able to afford such items a chance to have and use them.

The non-profit was formed about a year ago, and Crum estimated they have collected and distributed about 5,000 items. While their focus is on soccer, they will also take equipment from other sports and clothing.

Crum said they often collect items at tournaments and other events.

“People donate stuff at tournaments,” he said. “Their kids have outgrown it.”

Greg Crum added that the equipment they distribute will remain in Arizona.

Duran and Kom thanked Crum and his family for their donations and all that they do.

To find out more about Pass It On, go to their website,


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