Parker High varsity volleyball coach Marie Maya said she was apprehensive as the team came into their match with the Kingman Academy Tigers the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 17 in Parker. Coming into the game, the Tigers were 8-1 and ranked No. 8 in the 2A conference, while the Broncs were 7-1 and ranked No. 13 in the 3A conference.

The Broncs put Maya’s concerns to rest with a decisive three-set sweep of the Tigers. The final scores were 25-12, 25-13, and 25-13.

Demi Durham and Tallia Robledo provided much of the Broncs’ offense, with a lot of help from Hailey Kidd, Kaitlyn Humeumptewa and Cassandra Sandoval. Ernee McCabe had a pair of kills in the final set.

Maya said the Broncs are learning “High I.Q. volleyball.”

“They’re learning to play very, very smart,” she said. “They’re really mixing things up out there.”

Maya said she really enjoys this 2020 team.

“This is a group of young ladies who like each other and play for each other, not themselves,” she said. “They didn’t have club volleyball this summer, so they’re hungry to play.”

Taking on and defeating another top team is always a good thing for the Broncs, Assistant Coach Dan Maya said. That includes teams in other conferences.

“That was a good win for us,” he said.

The win marked the end of a 3-0 week for the Broncs. They didn’t lose a single set. On Tuesday, they defeated the Wickenburg Wranglers, a 3A West rival. On Thursday, they defeated another 3A West rival, the Kingman Bulldogs. The scores against Kingman were 25-7, 25-11, and 25-13.

The Broncs are now 5-1 against their 3A West opponents, 5-1 against other 3A teams, and 8-1 overall. They’re in second place in the 3A West to the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks. The Broncs will be playing the Shamrocks at home this week, on Tuesday, Oct. 20. The Shamrocks defeated the Broncs, 3 sets to 1, the last time these two schools met, which was Oct. 1 in Yuma. However, the Shamrocks’ widest margin of victory was just 4 points.

Given how the two teams have been playing this year, Dan Maya said this game could decide the region championship.

The varsity is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday in the O.B. Francis Gym.

On Thursday, Oct. 22, the Broncs will travel to play Bourgade Catholic. On Saturday, Oct. 24, they’ll travel again for another afternoon match with the Kingman Academy Tigers.

Here are the standings of the 3A West region as of Sunday, Oct. 18. The teams are listed by record in the region, record against 3A teams, and overall record.

Yuma Catholic:  6-0, 7-1, 8-2

PARKER:  5-1, 5-1, 8-1

Bourgade Catholic:  4-2, 4-3, 5-3

Tonopah Valley:  2-4, 3-4, 3-6

Kingman:  1-5, 1-5, 1-7

Wickenburg:  0-6, 0-6, 2-8


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