The Emerald Canyon Golf Course held its 30th annual Junior Golf program from June 4 to June 26. Course Director Steve Benton said 25 young golfers signed up. The program closed with a tournament, putting contest and awards barbecue the morning of June 26.

There were three age divisions, along with divisions for boys and girls. There were gold, silver and bronze awards in each age group for the tournament, as well as an award for putting.

Girls, ages 6 and 7

Gold- Kaylee Ross

Putting- Kaylee Ross

Girls, ages 8 to 11

Gold- Taylor Ross

Silver- Haley Enriquez

Putting- Haley Enriquez

Girls, age 12 to 15

Gold- Alexis Jette

Silver- Cadence James

Bronze- Jayme Johnson

Putting- Cadence James

Boys, ages 6 and 7

Gold- Matthew Moore

Silver- Rebel Trujeque

Bronze- Riot Trujeque

Putting- Aaron Nguyen

Boys, ages 8 to 11

Gold- Rowan Holt

Silver- Wyatt Jette

Bronze- Kaysen Costabile

Putting- Rowan Holt

Boys 12 to 15

Gold- Logan Jette

Silver- Nicholas Logan

Bronze- Jack Moss

Putting- Dillon Parker

Benton said he was very impressed with the young people who participated in the program.

“It was amazing how well behaved they were,” he said. “They listened. They were here to learn. They were a great bunch of kids.”

Benton said he and Assistant Course Director Art Gonzalez wanted to thank the volunteer instructors who helped with the lessons. They also wanted to thank the parents, grandparents, other relatives and course staff for being scorekeepers, drivers and cooks for the tournament.

“We would also like to thank Safeway, Food City and Walmart for their food donations, Bluewater Cinemas for movie tickets and Parker Elks Lodge No. 1929 for providing the certificates and medals,” Benton said. “It was a very successful four weeks.”

Pioneer reporter John Gutekunst contributed to this story.


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