A total of 26 boats competed in the 2020 Reliable Diamond Tool Parker Enduro held Oct. 31. This was the overall winner:  No. 192, “Nordic Racing.” It was driven by Randy Davis.

The 2020 Reliable Diamond Tool Parker Enduro presented by Nick Rose Insurance was held Oct. 31 at La Paz County Park. A total of 26 boats and drivers competed for the title of “King of the River.”

There was a familiar site at the end of the race as No. 192, “Nordic Racing,” was the overall winner for the second year in a row.

The race was based on the original Nine-Hour Enduro from the 1960s, which was conceived as an endurance test for drivers and their machines.

“A big thank you to all the sponsors for making this year’s Parker Enduro possible!” said a statement on the website of the promoters of the race, RPM Racing Enterprises. “Thank you to 2020 Reliable Diamond Tool, Nick Rose Insurance. Nordic & Hallett Boats, Integral Products & Advanced Contracting Group, Absolute Speed & Marine, Brink Property Management, Parker Oil, RaceTec Pistons, Hot Rods & Hobbies, Ron Lund Wood Specialties, and Twisted Liquid Marine.”


“A big thank you to the RPM Staff and WMI Rescue and all the volunteer patrol/river closure boats that made this event a great success!” the statement continued. “Thanks to Dave Prefling and the entire staff at La Paz County Park for hosting us!”

Overall Results:
Placing, boat number, division, boat name, driver(s), laps and time.
1  192, DV7; "Nordic Racing"  Randy Davis, Dunsmore / Jennings, 60 laps, 4:07:28.88
2  307, DV6; "Attitude Adjustment" Steve Linder, Mijares / Stewart, 57 laps, 4:08:11.34
3  373, DV3; "Nordic Racing,"  Fred Brennan and Michael Jones, 54 laps, 4:09:56.97
4  54, DV7; "Smokin" Dirk Olsen and John Cogan, 53 laps, 4:00.05.30
5  386, DV6; "JSR Motorsports / Lucas Oil" John Soares, 49 laps, 4:07.49.73
6  007, DV2; "Buckshot Racing" Mike Quindazzi,48 laps*, 3:35.27.07
7  31, DV2; "Fallon Marine" Gilbert Fallon IV and Mike LaPaglia, 48 laps, 4:07:37.42
8  915, DV3; "Hornet" Bryin Yedor and Ettinger / Lancon, 45 laps, 4:08,53.73
9  7, DV3; "Angry Bird" Jeff Barrus Todd Kelm, 43 laps, 4:10:45.26
10  96, DV4; "Ol Goat" Jack Stutesman and Dave Allen, 39 laps, 4:01:27.85
11  728, DV4; "Fxkit List" William DuFrense and Kenny Stutesman, 36 laps, 4:18:29.44
12  30, DV4; "Under Pressure" Pat Hoban and Cole Noble, 35 laps, 4:12:11.7
13  333, DV4; "Oh Mona" Duff Daily, 33 laps, 2:20:39.35
14  128, DV2; "Flying Finn" Greg Ronkainen and Bill James, 29 laps, 2:35:49.27
15  711, DV4; "Damien J" Mickey Simonton and Tuttle / Hamilton, 27 laps, 2:53:49.02
16  2020, DV1; "The Trumpster" Bill Marsh  and McKee / Stolarz,  26 laps*, 4:09:41.98
17  131, DV4; "RaceAsh" Patrick Begly, 24 laps, 3:57:28.85
18  03, DV2; "One More" Federico Quintero and Diaz / Zuluaga, 20 laps, 2:01.29.28
19  151, DV1; "Rum Runner" Mike Purczynski Tavares, 20 laps, 2:43:12.49
20  777, DV4; "Invictus" Mike Stock and Newton / Minegar, 19 laps, 1:33:12.76
21  363, DV2; "Davey Jones Revenge" Scott Patynik and Matt Carbajal, 17 laps*, 4:08:36.7
22  68, DV1; "Long Term" Greg MacDonald and Jasper MacDonald, 9 laps, 1:16:47.42
23  810, DV4; "The Eagle" Dennis Rankin and Rankin / Sousamian, 6 laps, 53:15.25
24  50, DV4; "Hot Wired" Chris Kohles and Clay McKinley, 4 laps, 18:45.11
25  343, DV6; "MAGA" Keith Bandy and John Coutermanche, 4 laps, 1:58:6.85
26  555, DV1; "Distant Thunder" Steve Sequeira and Sammons / Sammons. 1 lap. 05:4.86
* 1 Lap Penalty


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