PWC races

A fast personal watercraft heads around one of the obstacles on the slalom course of the PWC races held May 1 and 2 at La Paz County Park. This was part of the Hydro-Turf “Best of the West” series.

Personal Watercraft racing returned to the Parker area May 1 and 2 with the

Hydro-Turf "Best of the West" Series Presented by Hot Products at La Paz County Park. The official title of this event was the Nedra Atwood Memorial Race. This was an International Jet Ski Boat Association (IJSBA) World Finals qualifier.

The event was promoted by RPM Racing Enterprises.

The event was presented by Jettrim, Impros, Bomber Eyewear, Jettribe, Blowsion, Works H20, Bomber Eyewear, Kawasaki, Oakley, J.C. Racing, 3D Design Concepts T.C. Freeride, Pro Watercraft, Ultimate Watercraft, Rattlesnake Rentals, West Coast Watercraft Club and Pro-Rider Magazine.

Lake Havasu City was well-represented among the race winners. Of the 25 races, Havasu racers won 14 of them. Coy Curtis had a big event, winning two races on No. 155, a Yamaha. He won the race for the Yamaha 4-Stroke Lites as well as the race for the Ski-Am Lites.

Here are the winners for the individual races. They are listed by race, class, racer name, hometown, number and make of the machine. Please note Race 7 had more than one class running. Lake Havasu winners are in bold.

Race 1:  Ski Am Vet Lites; Taylor Curtis, Lake Havasu City; 155, Yamaha.

Race 2:  Runabout Novice Stock; Jamie Hankins, Lake Havasu City; 311, Sea-Doo.

Race 3:  Yamaha 4-Stroke Lites; Coy Curtis, Lake Havasu City; 155, Yamaha.

Race 4:  Ski Novice Stock 1500; Kolin Renner, Temecula, Calif.; 8, Kawasaki.

Race 5:  Vintage X2 Open; Charles Sims, Lake Elsinore, Calif.; 109, Kawasaki.

Race 6:  Jr. Ski 10-12 Lites; Brody King, Lake Havasu City; 411, Yamaha.

Race 7:  Ski Pro-Am 2-Stroke GP; Mitch Durica, Lake Havasu City; 6, Bul.

Ski Masters GP; Matt Legerski, Flagstaff, Ariz.; 62, Bul.

Ski Am Vet GP; Shawn Quemada, Diamond Bar, Calif.; 169, Kawasaki.

Ski Expert GP; Jack Briscoe, Herriman, Utah; 76, Kom.

Race 8:  Vintage 550 Ski; Andrew Cecere, Hawthorne, Calif.; 476, Kawasaki.

Race 9:  Ski Am Vet Stock 1500; Eric Swick, San Diego, Calif.; 20, Kawasaki.

Race 10:  Sport Spec; Ryder Wildeboer, Sioux Falls, SD; 888, Kawasaki.

Race 11:  R/A Rec Lites; Jim Alamillo, Palmdale, Calif.; 222, Sea-Doo.

Race 12:  Jr. Ski 13-15 Lites; Sebastian Girello, Lake Havasu City; 27, Yamaha.

Race 13:  Ski Women’s Stock 1500; Aryana Thayer, Lake Havasu City; 831, Kawasaki.

Race 14:  Ski Grand Master; Bob Hyde, Lake Havasu City; 40, Kawasaki.

Race 15:  Ski Am Lites; Coy Curtis, Lake Havasu City; 155, Yamaha.

Race 16:  Ski Pro-Am GP; Rafael Haurin, Lake Havasu City; 44, Kom

Race 17:  Runabout N/A Limited; Brandon Warner, Lake Havasu City; 21, Sea-Doo.

Race 18:  Ski Novice Lites; Maddix Haynes, Lake Havasu City; 555, Yamaha.

Race 19:  Ski Women’s Novice Lites; Mackenzie Schexndyer, Oak Hills, Calif.; 14, Kawasaki.

Race 20:  Ski Master Stock; Dan Fitzgerald, Sylmar, Calif.; 118, Kawasaki.

Race 21:  Vintage X2 Stock; Ryan Kennedy, Cypress, Calif.; 54, Kawasaki.

Race 22:  Vintage 650/750; Kevin Concialdi, Parker, Colo.; 741, Yamaha.

Race 23:  Sport GP; Brandon Walker, Lake Havasu City; 21, Sea-Doo.

Race 24:  Ski Women’s GP; Reese Giese, Scottsdale, Ariz.; 141, Kawasaki.

Race 25:  Freestyle Am; Brody Shakely, Lake Havasu City; 09, Rik


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