The Parker Broncs golf team put together their best match so far in 2021 this past week. On Tuesday, April 6, they shot a collective 210 for nine holes against the River Valley Dust Devils at El Rio Golf Club in Mohave Valley. The Dust Devils came out ahead as they shot a 195.

“This was our best match of the year so far, and hopefully we can continue to improve,” said Broncs’ Coach Chad McKenzie. Earlier, he had stated it was a realistic goal for the Broncs to get their collective team score below 200 for a match.


The Broncs’ top golfer, Ethan Sale, was out sick, but McKenzie said his teammates stepped up. Jacob Bennett shot a career best 47, the first time he’d broken 50. Brayden Page had a 48 for his best score of the year so far. Tallia Robledo shot a 57, and her sister, freshman Adryanna Robledo, had a career best score of 58.


Two other Broncs also played, although their scores weren’t in the top four so they didn’t factor into the Broncs’ team score. Dirk Maxwell shot a 61 and Tyra Robledo shot a 62, a career best for her.


Two days later, on Thursday, April 8, the Broncs traveled to Buckeye to play Odyssey Prep and Trivium Prep at the Sundance Golf Course. Trivium led the match with a 198, Odyssey shot a 222, and Parker was at 228. McKenzie noted the Broncs were not familiar with this course, and their scores were higher because of this.


Bennett led the Broncs with a 54. Tallia Robledo shot a 57, and Tyra Robledo improved on her score from two days earlier with a 60.


This week, the Broncs will face Kingman Academy and River Valley Monday, April 12, at the Emerald Canyon Golf Course north of Parker. They’ll place Odyssey again Thursday, April 15 in Buckeye.


Of the Buckeye course, McKenzie said, “We return to this course on April 15, so hopefully we will do better the second time we see it.”


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