Peaches & Pits

Pits to whoever came up the idea of light numbers on light sports jerseys and dark numbers on dark sports jerseys. They should be sentenced to the furthest reaches of the nosebleed seats and made to identify who’s on the field. I was on the sidelines at a Parker Broncs soccer game this past week, and I couldn’t make out the numbers on the Broncs’ uniforms. Imagine what it must be like for fans in the stands, or someone in the booth announcing the game. Numbers on uniforms serve a purpose:  they help fans identify who’s on the field, and can help players identify each other. That’s why the New York Yankees introduced them in 1929. If you can’t see the numbers, it defeats the purpose of having them.

Pits to time-keeping in soccer. I know official time is kept on the field, but why is it so different from the time on the scoreboard clock? It may be off by several minutes. You’d think they could synchronize the clocks before the game or something.


Peaches to the students at Wallace Junior High who donated canned good for Colorado River Regional Crisis Services. I can tell the staff at CRRCS was surprised, thrilled, and very happy with the donation.

Peaches to Gerber’s Baby Food, especially their turkey. I gave some to my cat, Misty, as a Thanksgiving treat. I learned a while back that cats like baby food, and she sure gobbled up hers in a hurry.

Peaches to everyone involved in the Lighted Boat Parade. It was a fun experience, as always.

Peaches to the Arizona Department of Transportation and all the different agencies and individuals who responded to the major winter storm in the high country over Thanksgiving. These situations are never easy for any of them. Given the many different environments they have to work in around the state, it’s amazing that ADOT does their job as well as they do.

Peaches to all the stores that held off on Christmas promotions and decorations until after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time, please!

Pits to the “progressive” writers I saw who said it was the duty of liberals to confront and denounce their “conservative, racist, white supremacist, Fox News-watching, Trump-loving relatives” at Thanksgiving get-togethers. Sheesh. Can’t we just live and let live for one day?

Peaches to peaches, pears, oranges, apples, bananas, and any kinds of fruit you can think of.

We want to know: who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send your ideas to the Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, AZ 85344. You can also send them to We won’t print your name if you ask us not to, but we do need your name on any submissions.


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