Graduation Parade

In a Letter to the Editor this week, Parker Vice Mayor Jerry Hooper has praise for everyone who made the 2020 Parker High Graduation Parade a great and memorable event. This was the scene at the 'finish line' at Joe Bush Stadium, where the students received their diplomas.

I’m penning this letter in hopes of professing my appreciation for the 2020 audience that viewed the Parker High School Graduates Parade, and did so very enthusiastically and respectfully. I also want to give recognition to the Parker School Board President and Members, and a hearty congratulations to the Principal, teachers, and staff the played a huge role in producing this overall masterpiece.

The entire event flowed so smoothly that it is hard to decipher and grasp the understanding of the planning and communication that it must have taken to produce this one of a kind public event. The safety level was remarkable, and the parade flowed so smoothly, it seemed effortless.

The “Finish Line” at the stadium made every graduate feel like they got the biggest piece of the graduation cake! Which, of course, was served to them by their biggest fans:  the teachers, coaches and authority figures from police to secretaries, along with parents, grandparents and friends. The whole event scored a Bronc Homecoming touchdown and made points in every family’s heart.

Our family will never forget the love you shared with our community’s most talented and successful teenagers of 2020.

Special thanks to the Parker High Faculty and Staff:  Macey Ackman, James Badger, Megan Badger, Kathy Baker, Mitchell Beakman, Mari Benson, Sandy Dynarski, Laura Flores, Melissa Frias, Emma Hall, Larissa Hansen, Rolland Hansen, Lee Hibl, Ingrid Holt, Benjamin Janney, Lonnie Lewis, Tony Mallinger, Marie Maya, Dan Maya, Nicole McCormack, Dawn McGuire, Doug Meale, Officer Jose Martinez, Mike O’Tool, Jackie Reaves, Liz Rennau, Sherry Rennau, Esther Scott, Pritpal Singh, Paul Steinmiller, Verma Punita, Vikram Verna, Kyle Carlson, Jeston Lotts, Jeff Wheatley, and David Daly.

Thanks also to the Parker High Custodial staff:  Skyler Fisher, Sam Carballo and Angel Lizaraga.

A special thank you to Superintendent Brad Sale and Assistant Superintendent Paul Olson.

Thank you as well to the members of the Governing Board of the Parker Unified School District:  President Randy Hartless and members Deanna Beaver, Dolores Ferris, Amelia Flores and Marlon Short.

Jerry Hooper

Parker, Ariz.


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