Peaches & Pits

Peaches to La Paz Regional Hospital. I was hospitalized from April 19 to 21. All personnel, from the E.R. to nurses to physical therapy and Dr. Mendosa, were great. I was treated with care and kindness. I returned home feeling much better. We are so lucky to have a hospital in an area like this.

Peaches to Madison Bumgarner for throwing a no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves on Sunday. It makes me want to take back the nasty things I said about him last week.

Pits to the Elias Sports Bureau, the official statisticians for Major League Baseball. Games in MLB double-headers are seven innings now, and they’ve decided no-hitters in these games don’t count if they don’t go at least nine innings. That’s almost as bad as the asterisk that was next to Roger Maris’s home run record all those years.

Pits to La Paz County for getting its finances in such a mess . . . again. You’d think they would’ve learned something by now.


Peaches to the Parker schools for deciding to keep the mask mandate in place even after Gov. Doug Ducey lifted it for the state’s schools. They’ll keep it in place until the end of the school year, when they’ll have a better opportunity to review the whole situation.

Peaches to all the Parker residents who spoke out at the April 20 Town Council meeting. You showed you care about our community.

Peaches to Mayor Karen Bonds for her suggestions on the Town’s personnel situation. That’s showing some leadership.

Pits to the vast majority of “talking head” commentators on cable news. They’re proof positive human beings can survive without a brain.

Peaches to the idea of a “Star Wars” movie marathon and Jedi training academy May 4 at the Parker Public Library. Just be careful if Darth Vader shows up.

Pits to the traffic in Lake Havasu City last week because of the Desert Storm events. Havasu is usually a fun place to visit, but all those additional people meant it was definitely a good weekend to stay home in Parker.


Who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? You can send your ideas, in 40 words or less, to the Parker Pioneer at or you can mail them to Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, Ariz. 85344.


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