Peaches & Pits

Pits to the Buckskin Fire Department losing their fireboat. A piece of equipment like that is vital to what they do, not to mention being expensive. This is a busy time for their fireboat, with so many boats on the river during the summer months. The Pioneer hopes they get it replaced soon.

Peaches to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office for offering Buckskin FD the use of one of their boats. We’re a small community, and we all have to look out for each other.

Peaches to the Parker Unified School District for naming the Parker High Library after one of the most admired and beloved teachers in the history of Parker, Ron Curnutt. It’s a fitting honor to a man who touched so many young lives in a positive way.

Peaches to all the volunteers for the Tube Float. You helped make the event go smoothly.

Peaches to the Arizona Department of Transportation on State Route 95. It was a pain while all the work was going on, but now it’s nice and smooth.

Pits to whoever is supposed to be maintaining Airport Road and Mutahar Drive by the MVD office. Perhaps you could lease these roads to the auto companies for testing new shock absorbers and suspension systems. You could put the money into a fund and use it to rebuild these roads.

Peaches to pet videos on You Tube (and especially cat videos). Sometimes, being entertained by the antics of animals is just what we need to relax and refresh the mind. Meow Mix to my favorite Internet cats:  Grandpa Mason, Cole and Marmalade, and Butters.

Pits to anyone who calls themselves an “activist.” I have reached the conclusion people who call themselves “activists” are, more often than not, obnoxious, unreasonable, self-righteous, pompous jerks.



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The roads are all messed up down in the valley. The CRIT tribal council won't fix them. Dennis Patch always says BIA is responsible and the BIA always claims there's no money in there budget for repaving roads. The Indians need to work towards self sufficiency and ween them selves from BIA dependency and Federal Taxpayer money. The Indians have the Blue water Casino and The CRIT Farms, the money from those enterprises should be used to fix our roads and infrastructure but the CRIT Chairman and The Tribal Council are to blame. Wasteful spending by Chairman Patch is the reason why the CRIT government and CRIT enterprises are operating in a deficit budget.

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