There is something very funny and also profoundly sad about watching how many influential evangelical Christian leaders reacted to Joe Biden being elected President in November 2020.

Many of them had boldly predicted President Donald Trump would win a second term. Some said God had revealed that to them personally. Self-proclaimed “prophets” said God would arrange it that Trump would win a second term. Michelle Bachman said the election results were “sealed in heaven.”

Then came the election returns showing Biden had won. Kenneth Copeland did his now infamous laugh. Paula White spoke in tongues and said angel reinforcements were being sent in from Africa and South America. Some said any Christian who voted for Biden had drawn a curse on themselves and their families. Bachman called on God to use his “iron rod” to smash the “clay jar of delusion” that Biden had been elected President.

There were more than a few strong suggestions that evil, demonic, anti-God forces had stolen the election from their chosen one, Trump.

It was hilarious to watch these preachers trying to cover themselves. It was also very sad when one realizes how far they have fallen away from what they should be preaching:  The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Easter season reminds us once again of what Jesus did for all of us. He suffered, died on a cross, and rose again to make things right between God and His people. It’s the greatest act of selfless love the world has ever known.

The fact is, too many of these preachers had become more interested in Earthly power than in preaching God’s Word. They forgot what the role of the Church is. They assumed that, because they wanted something, that must be what God wanted as well.

They shouldn’t have been preaching Donald Trump. They should’ve been preaching about the Man from Nazareth. They shouldn’t have been promoting right-wing political causes. They should’ve been telling everyone how much God loves them and what all He’s done for them.

In the Bible, God often allows his people to face hardship if they have fallen away from Him. He did that specifically because He loved them and wanted them to come back to Him. I can’t help but wonder if the same message is being sent to the evangelical leaders of today. They need to be reminded of what their message should be.

This is not to say they shouldn’t speak out on issues they feel strongly about. They should. However, they must always remember that Jesus should be the focus of the message.

This Easter season would be a good time for these evangelical pastors to look themselves in the mirror, admit they have fallen away, and get back on message for the Gospel. I can assure them that Jesus would love it if they talked about Him and what He’s done. That’s what they were supposed to be doing all along.

Who knows? They may accomplish more good by focusing on the Gospel than they ever did by seeking Earthly power and influence.


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sam whittemore

you are pretty spot on. i love God. its his fan club i can't stand. religion is man made, not God made. and, at this point in time, its nothing more than a tax scam for the people running it. BURN BABY BURN!

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