Peaches & Pits

Peaches to Arizona’s educators. State School Superintendent Kathy Hoffman praised them for how they continued to educate students despite the 2019-20 school year being cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. She said she was never prouder to be part of Arizona’s education community. We’re all proud of you for doing a magnificent job. Here’s hoping the 2020-21 school year is a little easier.

Peaches to finally, finally, FINALLY getting enough testing kits and equipment for the coronavirus. What we’re beginning to see now are the true numbers regarding how widespread the virus is. The bad news is it appears to be more widespread than had been thought. The good news is its effects don’t appear to be as bad as was feared. It seems the majority of people who have contracted the virus will never show any symptoms.


Pits to cutting back on preventive behavior. The coronavirus is still a nasty little bug that can hurt and even kill some people. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you could still be carrying it and passing it on to others. Keep washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces, and keep social distancing. We can beat this little bug, but it will take the efforts of all of us.

Peaches to all peaceful protesters (notice I said “peaceful”). They are exercising their First Amendment rights in classic American fashion. Believe me, if there’s one thing politicians will notice, it’s when a lot of people make their voices heard. That’s how change happens in America.


Pits to those “protestors” who loot stores and deliberately target the police. You’re not helping things, and you’re inviting the sort of brutality you’re protesting. Of course, for some of them, that appears to be what they have in mind.

Pits to those demonstrators calling for abolishing police departments. This is a far-left idea that isn’t based in reality. Just who do you think will respond to emergencies, such as accidents or medical calls? When criminals threaten law-abiding citizens, who are you going to call? Sure, go ahead and restructure and reform departments where it’s needed. If there’s a racist culture in a department or a culture that condones brutality, work to change that culture. However, there will always be a need for law enforcement and first responders. That’s a given.


Pits to those activists who don’t seem to understand criminals pose a greater threat to minority communities than the police ever will.

Pits to police officers and departments who are hostile to the people they’re supposed to be serving. It’s a simple fact that, when the police have good relations with the community, and the residents feel the police are part of their community, you don’t see riots. Hostility and distrust between the police and the community only helps the criminals.

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