According to articles appearing in the Parker Pioneer, the Parker Town Council is considering surrendering the lease with CRIT on our City Park. The main reason stated is that the funds used to maintain the Park are needed for the operation of the proposed new pool.

While we as a community realize the need for the pool, we should also recognize the importance of keeping the City Park. The ball fields at the park are used extensively by Little League year round. Little League has a spring season which runs from January to July and a fall season which begins in September and runs through December.

Parker Little League has over 300 participants. This year there were 27 teams, ages 4 through 16. The Aaron Hill field can’t possibly accommodate the Little League program’s games as well as the practices to prepare for these games.

In addition, the newly formed co-ed slow pitch softball “Heat League” begins June 8 and will consist of 9 teams playing twice a week through July plus a playoff championship. The Heat League will have well over 125 active participants.

Our town has in the past managed somehow to support both the pool and the City Park without having to give up one in favor of the other. In order to keep the fields available and maintained, maybe we can form a joint venture between Town of Parker and CRIT.

We give well-due respect to our Town Council and the decisions they must make to benefit our community as a whole and urge members of the community to contact the Town Council members and show your support for the City Park.


Karla Davis

Kalee Page

Parker, Ariz.


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