With the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse drawing to a close, this needs to be said:  anyone who thinks it was a good idea for this kid to be running around unsupervised with a military-style weapon in a chaotic situation like that in Kenosha, Wis. following the shooting of Jacob Blake needs to have his or her head examined.

With that said, however, it’s looking more and more like he was acting in self-defense when he shot three people, two of them fatally.

Rittenhouse is no hero, and he’s no villain, either. He’s definitely not a victim. He’s a kid who did something foolish. He went looking for trouble. Well, he found it.

Juveniles do foolish things. That’s how they learn. While we’re talking about Rittenhouse, what about the activists who have flocked to this case?

To hear it from them, Rittenhouse should be found guilty of 400 years of American racism and oppression and hanged. If he’s acquitted, it will confirm the idea that whites can kill blacks with impunity in racist America. Base a verdict on the evidence presented? That’s racist! Self-defense is a racist, white supremacist idea! The Constitution is a racist document, and traditional ideas of justice only serve white supremacy.

The activists promise there will be temper tantrums and hissy fits . . . er, riots and demonstrations if Rittenhouse is acquitted.

In other words, the activists are displaying behavior just as juvenile as Rittenhouse’s.

Let’s look at our distinguished member of Congress, Rep. Paul Gosar. I’ll admit he’s done a lot for La Paz County, especially with the Bureau of Land Management land conveyances. However, this isn’t about that.

Gosar recently posted a video that was a reworking of the opening titles for the Japanese anime series “Attack on Titan.” In it, Gosar is depicted as a flying superhero who kills a monster with the face of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez superimposed on it. He also goes after a giant President Joe Biden with swords.

There has been outrage in Congress over this, with calls for Gosar to be censured or even expelled. Some have called this a “death threat” against Ocasio-Cortez and the President.

After seeing the video, I don’t think it was a credible death threat. It struck me as the sort of thing teenage boys with too much time on their hands would do when playing around with a computer. In other words, it was a very juvenile thing to do.

I believe Gosar should be censured, but I don’t think he should be expelled. I think he should be punished by being grounded for a month and having his car keys taken away. Either that, or he should get a spanking and be ordered to stand in a corner for two hours.

I should mention that Ocasio-Cortez has her own record of juvenile behavior. While she was justified in being angry with Gosar’s video, saying he had tumbleweeds for brains is a juvenile response. Maybe she should be required to write “I will not respond to bullies with dumb insults” 100 times.

Come to think of it, there seems to be a lot of juvenile behavior in the top echelons of our government and elsewhere. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems like a brat at times. It was said that working for former President Donald Trump was like having a bratty four-year-old for a boss.

Maybe that’s our problem these day. We have all these juvenile minds running around and there are no grown-ups to supervise them.

Perhaps what I really want to see to all our highly partisan politicians and the loud-mouth activists out there is this:  GROW UP!! We need you to act like grown-ups, not bratty, immature kids. You should at least appear more mature than Kyle Rittenhouse, no matter the outcome of his trial.


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