There’s a lot going on these days, some of it good and some of it bad. Taking a cue from my friend Randy Hartless, let’s look at things with the old “good news/bad news” bit.

Good news:  there are less than three months left in 2020. We’re in the final quarter folks. It’s almost over.

Bad news:  we’re in the final quarter of 2020, and, given what’s happened so far, I’m not sure I want to find out what will be in the final act.

Good news:  the Presidential election is less than a month away. It will be over soon.

Bad news:  Either President Trump or former Vice President Biden is going to win.

More bad news:  the fighting, fussing and feuding over the results of that election will likely be even more noisy and raucous than the election campaign itself, and will likely last until at least January 2021.

Good news:  the coronavirus may be playing itself out. Many of the states hit earlier in the pandemic now have many more people who have survived than active cases. In the United States and around the world, the survival rate for those who have tested positive for the virus is 96 percent.

Bad news:  some medical experts are saying we could see a “second wave” of coronavirus cases this winter, along with the flu.

More bad news:  while the coronavirus may not have killed them, or led their pre-existing conditions to kill them, there are survivors who know have long-term chronic conditions that need treatment. Surviving the virus doesn’t mean one is “okay” and completely healthy.

Let’s reverse this next one.

Bad news:  the Arizona Diamondbacks finished in last place in the National League West.

Good news:  the season was short and it’s over.

Back to our original format

Good news:  Parker High has begun playing sports again. This is important in teaching young people the value of striving for excellence, as well as team work and sportsmanship.

Bad news:  only a handful of people can attend due to coronavirus restrictions. It’s kinda hard to develop community spirit for a team when only a small number of people can attend. If you’re an athlete, there’s nothing like the feeling of having people in the stands you know are supporting you.

Good news:  if I know the students at Parker High, they’re going to give it their all no matter how few people may be in the stands. Go Broncs!

Good news:  no matter what happens, you can be sure the sun will come up in the morning and go down in the evening.

Good news:  your dog will always be happy to see you, and will greet you by wagging its tail and licking your face. Your cat will sit in your lap and purr as you pet it.

Bad news:  what could possibly be bad about pets showing their unconditional affection for you?

Here’s hoping the last quarter of 2020 is a good one for you, even if it’s a bumpy ride.


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