Okay, I’m going to rant this week. I am not a happy person. If you don’t want to hear an angry rant, go read something else.

Ready?  Remember, you were warned.

Make no mistake about it. Our American political system is broken. The coronavirus pandemic has proven it. If it weren’t so serious, we’d think the actions of our leaders in Washington were some sort of crazy political satire. For some reason, I keep expecting Dr. Strangelove to show up.

It could be said the spread of the virus has been helped as much by partisan American politics almost as much as by the lies and deceptions of the Chinese Communist Party.

All I know is, if our political leaders can’t put partisanship, greed and power-seeking aside to create a united strategy against a virus that threatens the lives, health and welfare of all Americans, then we need to throw them ALL out.

I’d hate to see what this bunch in Washington would’ve been like if they had been around at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. The Japanese militarists would likely be laughing at us. They’d think it was hilarious how we would be sabotaging our own efforts.

President Donald Trump didn’t cause this situation. It’s been building for years. He’s just a symptom.

The Democrats can’t see why or how Trump was elected President. It’s because many Americans like the political establishment in Washington even less than they like Trump. It looks like an establishment politician, Joe Biden, will be their Presidential nominee. He says he’ll fix America even though he has been part of the system for 40 years.

Is it any wonder so many Americans are holding their noses in disgust during this Presidential election?

On The 700 Club, Pat Robertson said he knows what’s wrong with our country. It’s because we allow abortions and we let homosexuals have equal rights.

Well, did you expect anything else? He’s been giving us the same song-and-dance for 60 years, all the while asking for our money.

It’s not just Washington, either. Much of corporate America leaves a lot to be desired. For example, do you believe the health care system is this country is really meant to help people get well? If you do, I’ve got a pretty orange bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell you.

The real purpose of our health care system is to make lots of money for insurance companies, big medical companies, and big pharmaceutical companies. What do they care if you die? There’s plenty more where you came from.

What’s the solution to all this?  Somehow, some way, we have to remind our political and business leaders that they work for us. We are their bosses. We put them in office, and we can throw them out.

I’ve concluded the elections of Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were actually related. They both defeated establishment politicians to win their offices. Their elections were a reflection of how fed up Americans are with the political establishment.

The American people need to make it clear to Washington that we unhappy with them and we will do something about it. Corporate America treated working people badly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It wasn’t until workers came together in unions to demand they be treated with respect that corporate America began to listen. Workers fought for and gained their rights as human beings and as Americans.

It’s time the American people learned to set aside our differences and work together to make our political leaders work for us. It’s time we focused on what unites us and the common enemies that we face.

It’s time we rekindled the spirit of Americanism that led to Allied victory in World War II and countless other American triumphs.

Okay, rant over. I think I’ll go hug my kitty cat.


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Unfortunately not much will change until people start remembering that democracy only works when people participate in it. For too long we’ve felt that our vote won’t change anything, and don’t take time to research the issues and those we elect to serve. While I’m a little more encouraged after the number of Americans who voted in 2018, we continue to need more participation.

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