Peaches & Pits

Peaches and thank you to the nice person who paid for my meatball sandwich at Ed’s Deli on Saturday, June 1 at closing time. It was a surprise when I got out my money to pay only to be told it was taken care of. Thank you from the lady from Parker. – G.M.

Peaches to the staff and volunteers at the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism for putting on the Tube Float. It isn’t easy putting together such a big event every year.

Peaches to all the law enforcement officers and first responders. They are particularly busy over holiday weekends. They have to see things on a regular basis that most of us will never see or would never want to see. Your dedication and service to the community is appreciated.

Peaches to Colorado River Regional Crisis Services and all they do for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in our area. The training session on non-fatal strangulation this past week was something local law enforcement agencies could really use to better serve victims of domestic violence.

Peaches to Raymond Meza and Stand Strong Together for bringing attention to the issues of substance abuse and violence on the Colorado River Indian Reservation and other Tribal nations.

Peaches to every elected official who has come to the realization that running for public office is a lot easier than serving in public office.

Pits to trying to figure out school funding in Arizona. I’ll be even Albert Einstein would have a hard time understanding it. If you can understand school funding in our state, understanding E=mc2 should be a snap.


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