The things I’ve been told in 2020. Much of it reminds me of a field that has just been covered with natural fertilizer.

Let’s look at just a few of them. Take the coronavirus, COVID-19. I’ve been told it’s a hoax, a conspiracy to bring down President Donald Trump and all the wonderful things he’s doing and will do for America. The intent of this great conspiracy is to destroy the economy and thereby destroy Trump.

I’ve been told the number of deaths have been exaggerated. Only a tiny number of people have died from the virus, as most of the deaths had pre-existing conditions. This is a lot of fuss over a virus with a 99.9 percent recovery rate (the actual global recovery rate, according to the Worldometers website, is closer to 96 or 97 percent).

If I wear a mask and practice social distancing, I’m a “sheeple,” doing whatever those nasty people in the conspiracy want me to do. I’m not thinking for myself, and I’m doing what those in the conspiracy want me to do because it’s all a massive power grab.

Listen, we know this virus is real. We also know it’s nasty, and it can make people very sick and can even kill them, especially if they have pre-existing conditions. Taking precautions, like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, are good ideas under these circumstances. I can keep myself from getting sick, or if I’m carrying the virus and don’t know it, I could keep someone else from getting sick.

I find it interesting how many people who have mocked the virus, including President Trump, have later tested positive for it. I take no joy in this. From what I hear of how sick this virus can make you, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Still, it is interesting.

Of course, what I’ve been told about the coronavirus being a hoax is nothing compared to what I’ve been told by the people at Black Lives Matter.

First, they told me that, if I didn’t agree with everything they said and did everything they wanted me to do, I was a dirty, rotten racist. Come to think of it, even if I agreed with them and did what they wanted me to do, I was still a dirty, rotten racist.

I was told that, if I said Blue Lives Matter, there are no such things as blue people, I was siding with those who murder black people, and I was a dirty, rotten racist. If I said All Lives Matter, I was downplaying the suffering of black people and I was a dirty, rotten racist.

I was told that looting and burning of businesses was okay because these businesses cared only about money, would have insurance cover their losses, and white people had been looting black and brown people for centuries.

A BLM activist in Chicago called looting a form of “reparations,” and said she didn’t care if Gucci or Nike stores were looted because that meant people had something to eat.

Gee, does that mean Gucci and Nike sell food? I never knew! You learn something new every day!

I know Gucci is a brand of handbag. I wonder if it’s also a form of pasta. I’d like to try it with Alfredo sauce, or maybe La Piazza’s wonderful meat sauce and garlic bread.

I know Nike sells footwear. The perfect food item for them to sell would be filet of sole.

Seriously, I criticize BLM not because I’m racist, but because I am anti-racist. If I see them doing something that would hurt black people or be counterproductive, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point it out.

Take looting as an example. Sure, a business may be covered by insurance, but they’re not going to risk locating in a neighborhood where they fear they might be looted or burned. They’ll go somewhere else, and they’ll take their jobs and the services they provided to the community with them.

Pardon my saying so, but Black Jobs Matter.

I still want to know what BLM has done to improve relations between the black community and law enforcement, and what they have done to bring investment to black neighborhoods. It seems to me they’re more about threatening and intimidating than anything else.

Well, that’s what I have to say about some of the things I’ve been told this year. You have to be careful with believing what people tell you, especially if they’re yelling and screaming and raising a fuss.

That usually means that’s the only way they can get people to listen to them.


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