Recently I was picking up mail for family at the Parker post office and couldn't help but notice how dirty and in disrepair the building appears. Sitting in the dirty, trash filled parking area, I noticed the cracked stucco, the need for paint, the mismatched paint covered graffiti, the cobwebs, the uncared for landscape rock with exposed plastic, and the filthy entrance to the mailboxes.

The door handle and surrounding area is so dirty, I thought twice about reaching to open it, the glass is covered with grime. Upon entering the side lobby, the dirty walls, the grime on the wall behind the shelf  atop the trash receptacle, the sticky floor, the windows so dirty they are difficult to look through...my gosh Parker.....have you no pride?

Come on Government officials....this is a disgrace. This just did not happen overnight, I’ve been picking up the mail since last August but today it was especially bad and it has not changed....take a look yourself next time and complain a bit.

Paula Hunter

Wickenburg, Ariz.


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