(This letter is in response to the letter from County Assessor Anna Camacho in the Oct. 13 Parker Pioneer. Kimmy Olsen is a former employee of the Assessor’s Office and was also Director of the Elections Department).



This statement is not transparent. Anna is only looking for public sympathy and another excuse on why her office cannot run smoothly.

Anna is blaming the County finances for the loss of her employees. However, she has had a revolving door since she took office in 2017. Employees either left on their own due to the hostile work environment and drama she creates or she would fire them. In almost 6 years she has lost at least 15-20 employees.

That's not a county issue; that's an employer issue. When she took office in 2017, she didn't have many employees because during her campaign she threatened to clean house and fire everyone once she took office.

In 2018 she was down to only two employees for a few months and there was no financial stress going on at that time. Now she's down to one or two again.

Prior assessors like George Nault and Sharon Schuler never had this issue. They were respectful of their employees, helping them to learn the job, and not beat them down. I'm not saying the county doesn't have issues, but the Assessor's issues are all on Anna and no one else is to blame. It's very sad because she finally had a super great team working for her who are extremely smart and worked hard. Now she's driven them away as well.

In 6 years, the common denominator is Anna, not the county. These are the facts and not made as slander or mistruths. My personal opinions are much stronger.

Kimmy Olsen

Parker, Ariz.


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Michael Roth

No matter how thin you slice it, there’s always to sides to the slice of bread.

I’m curious why Kimmy left the elections department


call the kettle black. wow, i know for fact with documents to back me up your statement above is incorrect, unfounded, misleading. You walked out of assessors office with no notice, Kimmy Olsen you are a criminal, premediated conspiracy, tampering with a computer is a felony. deputy county attorney ryan dooley has covered up your fraudulent acts. the following individuals megan speilman, john churchill, julie labenz, leah castro, duce minor, william ponce, tony rodgers are criminals as well. i have legal, lawful, documents to back what i say here is true.

anna is not the problem.


wow, the comment i left 15 minutes ago gone. so much for free speech. anyway, kimmy olsen, good job trying to cover your own butt, anna is not the problem its criminals like you are the problem with our county, lawful, legal documents don't lie.

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