I want everyone to know how embarrassed I am for our community.

There are seven people that sit on the Dias at Town Hall:  one Mayor, one Vice Mayor, and five Council Members. These seven are dividing our community all because my good friend retired after 21 years. My friend had talked about retirement for at least the last five years. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

How is it ethical to tear people down over and over publicly, in the media, and, worse yet, statewide?

I served my country, but I don’t feel entitled at all.

Why do our Mayor and Council Member Hartless continue to feel they are above everything so they can constantly put employees down and now the Mayor has rolled over and allowed Hartless to point people out and point out people and put them down?

Sir, you are no better than anyone else. Why do you feel entitled?

Madam Bonds, I was so honored when you ordered an investigation to happen immediately. Was there bullying going on? How many times did you hear complaints about bullying? In our community, it has become the norm to bully.

Why won’t you stop thinking you are not a part of the problem?

I don’t want to lose my friendship with Darla. She is a wonderful lady. But, she retired and is enjoying life.

I don’t want to lose my friendship with any of you. At one point or another, I have had run-ins with all of you.

But, don’t play the blame game.

The investigation cleared up rumors and gossip. Ms. Wedemeyer did nothing but do her job. The investigation clearly stated that bullying did occur from individuals, not Ms. Wedemeyer. And I can see at these Council meetings that you seven support the bullying.

Please move our Town forward. Stop dwelling on this issue.

Our Senior Center is being run fabulously. People are happy, people enjoy the food, and we all believe in Ms. Anderson and all of the staff.

We have a beautiful town. We have beautiful employees.

I am honored to live here. We truly have so many caring individuals.

Why don’t you try to be thankful and look at all of the positives?

The way Mayor Bonds and Council Member Hartless treat everyone who was cleared of issues, instead of saying, “Good job,” all you want to do is knock these people who live and breathe our community.

Stop sitting up there feeling high and mighty.

Frank Vidrine

Parker, Ariz.


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