As we, the taxpayers of La Paz County, are learning how dire our county’s financial situation is, one question comes to mind.  Why haven’t measures been employed all along to ensure our tax dollars were being spent appropriately, frugally and legally? We elect officials for this purpose alone. We are already one of the poorest counties in Arizona and no one thought we should watch our bottom line closely? We are now millions in the red and I demand answers.


The buck stops with the Board of Supervisors. David Plunkett gets a pass. He is new to his position and hopefully recognizes that this county is fed up with incompetence. Duce Minor claims he tried to demand audits and reports from the Finance Department but was blocked by a previous supervisor and current Supervisor Holly Irwin.


I want to know why Supervisor Holly Irwin did not feel the need to have any oversight over the Finance Department.  Is our money so frivolous to her? As the former Chairperson, she is responsible for our current situation. She owes us an answer, we pay her salary. So what happened Supervisor Holly Irwin? Truth and honesty are the only acceptable answers here. Try it. We are all ears.


Johnnie Weeks

Parker, Ariz.


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sam whittemore

ahahahahahahahaha! you get em johnnie! you demand those answers and hold those supes accountable! hint.......it aint 1957 johnnie. and they dont account to you, or anyone else. vote harder next time!

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