As I was looking over the candidates for state and federal offices, an unsettling feeling came over me. I realized that, for every one of those positions, one of those jokers is going to win.

It’s appropriate that Election Day is so close to Halloween.

It has reached the point where we Americans no longer try to elect the better candidate. We try to elect the one that is least objectionable. In other words, we find ourselves electing the lesser of evils.

Consider the last two Presidential elections. In 2016, I knew people who didn’t like Donald Trump, but they voted for him because they couldn’t bear voting for Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, I know people who voted for Joe Biden not because they supported him, but because they were voting against Trump. I also know people who didn’t like Trump but voted for him anyway because they didn’t like the Democrats and what they stood for.

I keep seeing social media posts asking why people who voted for Biden aren’t talking about the good things he’s done. These are almost all from Trump supporters. I would suggest they don’t understand why people voted for Biden. Again, they didn’t vote for Biden, they voted against Trump.

How did this come about? It used to be the political parties, Republicans and Democrats alike, tried to create as broad a base as possible because that was seen as the best way to win elections. That’s why you had a liberal wing of the Republican Party, and you also had conservative Democrats.

These days, liberals know they are not welcome in the Republican Party. They’re denounced as RINOs (Republican in Name Only) by those who demand ideological correctness and purity in the party (you can get called a RINO just for disagreeing with Trumps’ unfounded claims the 2020 election was stolen from him). At the same time, conservatives know they are not welcome in the Democratic Party. They’re seen as racists, fascists, and worse.

I’m convinced this all came about because of money. Let’s face it:  it takes a lot of money to run a political campaign. Most candidates have to rely on donations to run their campaigns. They need to do something to appeal to donors.

That something, as best as I can tell, is being obnoxious and partisan. That’s how you build up a base of not just big donors, but small donors as well. That’s how you appeal to people who will give your campaign their money.

Once a candidate is elected, he or she must continue to be obnoxious and partisan if they expect to get money to win reelection.

What all this does is make many Americans hold their noses when they go to the polls or fill out their ballots.

What to about it? First, I think we need to find ways to cut back the time during which candidates are allowed to actively campaign. We also need to make it cheaper to run a campaign. If candidates are not always seeking money for their campaigns, maybe they won’t need to spend so much time grandstanding and appealing to the most partisan elements for money.

As a side note, I would suggest the Republican Party needs to do something to expand their appeal at the national level. Consider this:  in the eight Presidential elections since 1992, the Republicans are 3-5. Two of those wins, George W. Bush in 2000 and Trump in 2016, were due to the fluke of the Electoral College. The one time Republicans had an actual majority of votes in a Presidential election was 2004, when Bush was seeking reelection.

If it hadn’t been for the Electoral College, the GOP could conceivably have been 0 for 8 in the Presidential elections since 1992.

Does that sound like a growing, thriving party to you?

Americans are tired of the grandstanding and hyper-partisanship of today’s politics. I feel that, if what we are seeing now is the best our two major parties can do, then we need new parties! 


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Michael Roth

Voting for lesser of evils is still a vote for evil.

And watch 2000 Mules, the proof is out there that the last election was most definitely stolen. It’s now conspiracy Fact!

sam whittemore

how bout you brain dead sheep withdraw your consent to be governed by these idiots.

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