Peaches & Pits

Peaches to the month of July. Yeah, it’s hot and it’s miserable. However, look at it this way:  it means the year 2020 is more than half over. That can’t be a bad thing.

Peaches to hoping the second half of 2020 is better than the first half.

Peaches to the coronavirus, aka COVID-19. It has held up a mirror to American and has shown us our failings and what we need to improve on. It has also shown us some of our strengths. Painful reckonings are sometimes just the thing we need. Like everything else, this will pass. When it does, this will, hopefully, be a better nation.

Peaches to the United States of America. We have always been a work in progress. We are not the same country we were 50 to 60 years ago, and we won’t be the same country 50 to 60 years from now as we are now. If there’s something that can be learned from all the demonstrations and protests, it’s that change and growth are essential qualities of the American character.


Peaches to everyone involved in educating our children. That includes teachers, administrators, staff and even maintenance people and bus drivers. They’re trying to do a tough but very essential job. It’s being made even tougher with all the rules and sometimes contradictory orders regarding the coronavirus pandemic. We need to support them as they need all the help they can get.

Peaches to our area senior centers who have found ways to continue to provide services to seniors even in the middle of a pandemic.

Peaches to two great figures in American culture who passed away this week:  Carl Reiner and Hugh Downs. Reiner was a famous comedian in his own right, but he also influenced and wrote for the likes of Dick Van Dyke, Sid Caesar, and Mel Brooks. Downs was an old school journalist who was always a comforting presence. Watching or listening to him was like hearing the news from an old friend. They will both be missed.

Who or what do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send you ideas to the Parker Pioneer by e-mail at or send them to Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, Ariz. 85344. Try to keep it under 40 words. We won’t publish your name if you ask us not to, but we do need to have your name on all items sent to us.


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