Peaches & Pits

Peaches to the Parker Broncs football team for winning the axe back from the Wickenburg Wranglers. They did it in overtime in a game for the ages.

Peaches to the U.S. Constitution. This week marks 234 years since it was drafted. It’s still going strong. I guess the Founders of this nation must’ve done something right.

Peaches to the Major League Baseball season being almost over. It’s been a long, rough summer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. On the other hand, it looks like the Giants and Dodgers are going to take it right down to the wire for the title in the National League West. Yes, the Giants-Dodgers rivalry is still very much alive.

Peaches to our pets. There’s nothing like the love of a dog or a cat for its humans. They enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

Peaches to the Colorado River Indian Tribes holding Native American Days this year. It will be nice having that longstanding tradition back in Parker this year. Among other things, this event marks the arrival of Fall in our area.

Pits to the heat. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for summer to be over.

Pits to whoever had the brilliant idea of putting dark numbers on dark sports jerseys and light numbers on light sports jerseys. This sort of makes it hard to read the numbers, which defeats the purpose of having numbers on uniforms.

Pits to all the divisiveness and misinformation about the coronavirus. Some people are advocating using a horse medication. Maybe we should all use a duck medication because there are so many quacks around when it comes to the virus.

Who do you think deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send your ideas, in 40 words or less to the Parker Pioneer at You can also send them by mail to Parker Pioneer, P.O. Box 3365, Parker, Ariz. 85344.


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