Peaches & Pits

Peaches to the election finally being over. Yes, it’s over! No more political junk mail! No more political ads on television and radio! No more interrupting cat and kitten videos on You Tube with politicians attacking each other! It’s over!  Ha-ha! Ho-Ho! Hee-Hee!

Pits to post-election silliness and temper tantrums. With the political climate these days, you know they’re coming.

Peaches to the Town of Parker’s Parks & Recreation Committee. Trunk & Treat was a blast!

Peaches to Colorado River Regional Crisis Services for all they do regarding domestic violence. Their services are appreciated.

Peaches to the Animal Relief Fund and all they do for our furry, four-footed friends. They’re building the new surgical facility at the animal shelter with donations and grants, with no taxpayer funds involved. If you need a four-footed friend, stop by the shelter. They have plenty of animals who are looking to be adopted.

Peaches to the Parker Alliance for Community Empowerment and all they do to try to keep our young people away from drugs. They made Red Ribbon Week work this year.

Peaches to the law enforcement officers who were at Trunk or Treat. It was nice to see them interacting with the children. We need to see more stuff like this rather than what we see of law enforcement on the news.

Peaches to kitten videos on You Tube. I know I’ve mentioned these before, however I want to repeat what I said. Watching kittens play or snuggle with each other or their mothers is one of the most relaxing things I can do.

Pits to commercials in the middle of videos on You Tube. They’re even more poorly placed than the commercials on television.

Peaches to ADOT and the work they’re doing on California Avenue. They’re rebuilding the sidewalks and the pedestrian crossings. I just hope all the lane closures and delays are worth the results.

Peaches to the federal government for including the Colorado River Indian Tribes among those Arizona tribes that will receive broadband licenses.

Do you think someone or something deserves a peach? How about a pit? Send you ideas, in 40 words or less, to the Parker Pioneer at or by mail at P.B. Box 3365, Parker, Ariz. 85344.


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