Guess what? The year 2020 is almost over! That’s right. Done! Finished! Kaput! See ya! Good riddance!

To say this year has been eventful would be putting it mildly. It was a year dominated by a tiny little bug, the coronavirus. Small but mighty and nasty, it affected just about everything in 2020. Nothing was normal in 2020 with that little bug around.

Maybe what people are hoping for in 2021 is a return to some semblance of “normalcy.” They want things to be like they were before that bug made its way onto the stage.

That doesn’t seem likely. In the United States, we have 20 million cases and 350,000 deaths. The only good news is the vast majority of people who get it will recover. About 11.5 million Americans have recovered, but that doesn’t consider long-terms health effects from the virus.

For the time being, maybe the best thing we could do is accept the fact the virus is here, isn’t going away anytime soon, and act as normally as we can with the proper precautions.

America has faced tough times in the past. We can face this, too.

I do have some questions for the social justice crowd, led by Black Lives Matter. Are they going to get down to the hard work of creating meaningful change, or will they still be about making accusations, yelling, screaming, threatening and intimidating? What has Black Lives Matter done to try to improve relations between the black community and law enforcement? What have they done to try to improve the lives of Black Americans? I find it odd they talk of wanting to see their communities “fully invested in” when they advocate looting and intimidating the businesses that have invested there.

While we’re talking about 2020, let’s talk about the Presidential election. Then again, maybe not. About the best thing you can say about it is it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. If it didn’t leave one in your mouth, then you may have the coronavirus because you have no taste.

There! I did it! I got in a coronavirus joke!

President Donald Trump has convinced a lot of people he is a hero standing up for America and standing up to corruption. He’s convinced a lot of other people he’s an entitled, spoiled brat who needs to be literally kicked out of the White House.

It wasn’t all bad news in 2020, of course. La Paz County got the Bureau of Land Management property they wanted for solar power development. The community came together to support the schools and make sure educating our children continues even with the coronavirus around. The Town of Parker finally got its new home for the magistrate court built.

For 2021, it looks like more of the same with the virus, but at least we now know what to expect. Things will likely get worse before they get better. There’s no election this year, so maybe Washington will get back to their usual level of gridlock, grandstanding, and name-calling.

There will be new people in positions of leadership in La Paz County. The Pioneer wishes them all well and good luck. They’ll need it.

Here’s wishing all of you a good year in 2021. Make the best of it, no matter what happens. Please don’t say it will have to be better than 2020. That almost guarantees it will be worse.

Happy New Year!


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