Ghost was found badly injured from abuse on a road near Quartzsite. What happened to him is an example of the worst of humanity. How the community has rallied to take care of and support him is an example of the best we can be.

We recently saw examples in La Paz County of the best and worst in humanity. Let’s start with the worst.

I’m thinking of a dog named Ghost. He was found on a road near Quartzsite. He was severely injured as a result of abuse. From what the authorities have been able to determine, he was dragged behind a car or truck.

Who could do this to an animal? As I understand it, Ghost has a very sweet, loving personality. It’s sickening to think someone may have taken advantage of that in order to abuse him. The people who did this probably did it to Ghost because they could see he wouldn’t fight back.

I’d like to think Ghost took a nice chunk out of one or more of the people who abused him.

The Quartzsite Police Department is investigating this matter. There’s an $8,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Yet, we can see in Ghost’s case the best of humanity. Many have rallied to support him and help him heal and recover. He’s being cared for by the Western Arizona Humane Society, and they say he is still very sweet and loving. From what I hear, he’ll likely be spoiled rotten by the time he leaves the humane society’s facility. He deserves it. I hope they find a home that will take care of him and appreciate him.

We can see more of the best of humanity in the new surgical facility at the Town of Parker/La Paz County Animal Shelter. It was built with grants and donations to the Animal Relief Fund. Most of the donations came from the community. It’s wonderful to see how so many people came together to build this facility to take care of the medical needs of the animals of Parker and La Paz County.

Make no mistake about it:  the facility was built because people care.

Another example of the best of humanity could be seen in the cyclists on the Journey of Hope. These young men are all members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, and they were riding for The Ability Experience, the charitable arm of the fraternity. They’re riding across the southern tier of states at the hottest time of the year to raise awareness of and funds for people with disabilities.

They do it because they care. They are also learning about teamwork and developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

Maybe what separates the best and worst of humanity is how much we care. When people care about each other, and when they care about animals, schools, the environment, or whatever, wonderful things can be accomplished.

However, when people don’t care, that’s when things are neglected. That’s when evil can flourish. That’s when terrible things can happen. Terrible things can happen even when people care, but they are far more likely to happen when people don’t care.

How many major disasters have occurred because the people in positions of responsibility didn’t care, or cared about the wrong things? When those in positions of power no longer care about people, terrible things can and will happen.

Caring for and loving each other go hand in hand. The late Louis Armstrong once said that, if more people loved each other, that would solve a lot of our problems. He was on to something there.

We have seen what can happen when people don’t care. We have seen what can be accomplished when people care. I can only hope we never lose the caring side of our nature.


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