Ripe peach fruit with leaves and slises

Peaches to all those who share a smile or a wave. It can be infectious. Pass it along! 

-          Mickey C.

Peaches to ADOT. Sure, I’ve picked on them in the past, but no one can accuse them of ignoring La Paz County. A good transportation system is essential to a strong economy, and they’re doing a remarkable job with their limited resources.

Peaches to those elected officials who actually try to get something done for their constituents.

Pits to our political parties. They seem more interested in destroying each other than anything else. C’mon, everyone! We’re all Americans here!

I want to say pits to the bumheads who pass and speed when they shouldn't just to get to the stoplight two seconds before you. Kudos young fella! You’re a quick one! But slow down please, heaven can wait.

-          Mickey C.

Peaches to all the teachers who provide an education for our kids. They put up with a lot, and they often don’t see the results until years later.

Pits to the vast majority of stand-up comedians. The jokes and comedy routines you do in the comedy clubs of West Hollywood or New York don’t go over well with audiences in Middle America. You also seem hostile to those of us in what’s called “Fly-over Country” between the two coasts. Comedy should be for everyone, not just the “hip” crowd that looks down its nose at the rest of us.

Pits to those colleges and universities that have been taken over by the radical left. While they call the right in America “fascists,” they have displayed more of the attitude of real fascists than anyone on the right has.


Peaches to all the high school graduates of the Class of 2019. Good luck as you head out to face the world. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. We know you’ll need it. We know we did at your age.

Peaches to the group of citizens doing the fundraiser/rally on June 14 to purchase a van to help veterans in distress be able to get to their doctor appointments or the hospital when needed.

-          C. Kelley

Peaches to everyone who has offered donations to help Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7061 rebuild their post following the fire May 26. The Pioneer even heard from an American Legion Post in Phoenix that wanted to help out.

Peaches to the lifeguards in the Parker summer swim program. You are all taking on a tremendous responsibility at a young age. If you can learn to handle responsibility now, it will help you throughout your life.


Pits to everyone who dumped trash in the desert during Memorial Day weekend. The desert is not a dump. It’s an ecosystem that deserves our respect.

Peaches to Buni Hooper and the staff at the Gingerbread House for all they do for Parker-area young people. You have had more of a positive influence than you realize.

Peaches to the Parker Unified School District for offering free breakfast and lunch to area young people in the month of June.


Peaches to the budget processes of government entities like the Town of Parker and La Paz County. It’s not always easy to meet the needs of the community with the funds that are available. I think I have the process figured out. It’s a matter of dollars and cents. The department heads want “dollars,” but the Town Council or the County Supervisors say “cents.”

Peaches to every elected official who has come to the realization that running for public office is a lot easier than serving in public office.

Pits to trying to figure out school funding in Arizona. If you can understand school funding in our state, understanding E=mc2 should be a snap.


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