I am writing a letter for your editorial page about my recent experience at the Earp Post Office. I pick up our mail at our p.o. box in Earp every day, but I was pretty busy today running errands. The carrier just took my mail as I was arriving late for her pickup so I was glad to catch her to take the mail today rather than tomorrow. I went to run the rest of my errands, and then went to the Parker Post Office to get my mail there. I looked everywhere in my purse and could not find the keys. I ran backwards in my mind as to all the places I had been where could I have left them? As a last resort, I drove back to the Earp USPS. Fortunately, a customer had seen the keys hanging out of the p.o. box and turned them in to Maribel, who returned them to me. Thank you to whoever found my keys hanging in my box right where I left them. There are good people and good things happening every day even in these difficult times. God bless you all. Sincerely,

Elyse Longo



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